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Store and Showroom Rules

Last updated, January 18, 2022

Artrepreneur allows its Members to offer original works, limited editions, and giclée prints for sale in a variety of categories, mediums, and styles. Selling artwork on Artrepreneur will provide our members with access to a worldwide audience of potential buyers and art collectors that visit our site to buy art.


Presently, there are several ways a Member can sell artwork:

  • Stores:
    • Originals and Limited Editions. Pro Members may make these artworks available for sale in the Artrepreneur Marketplace.  Payments and shipping are handled directly by the seller Artrepreneur does not get involved in the transaction although we do provide a method for the seller to be paid through PayPal, if desired. (See “Selling Originals” in the Help Center.)
    • Gicleé Prints. Artrepreneur members can apply to sell prints in the Marketplace. Unlike originals and limited edition works, Artrepreneur handles payments, printing, and shipping. For details on the application and production process. (See “Selling Giclée Prints”in the Help Center)
  • Showrooms: Pro Members may also list artwork within a Showrooma dedicated store that only lists specific artwork from a Pro Member Account that is already available for sale in the Sell Direct Store. (See “Showrooms” in the Help Center.)


Artrepreneur Members will pay NO COMMISSION on any sale, regardless of whether your sale is through the Marketplace or your Showroom. We believe that you should receive the monetary benefit for your creative work and not be penalized for your success by increased commissions for higher-priced works. Instead, Artrepreneur receives revenue either through a Pro membership or through printing fees paid by the buyer when purchasing Giclée prints. See our Pricing Page for coupons and special deals.


What Can Be Listed for Sale

  • Physical works of art or design created by the Seller. We do not allow sales of downloadable digital images or NFTs.
  • Limited editions should be numbered editions of 50 or less with a Certificate of Authenticity that legally enforces the editions.
  • Gicleé Prints are handled by Artrepreneur and are Open Editions only.
    • You must be the copyright holder, authorized agent, or assignee of artwork to list it for sale in the Marketplace or Showroom. Artrepreneur may require proof that you are a duly authorized agent or assignee, which may include verifying your identity and proof of ownership or legal right to sell the artwork on behalf of the artist or creator. Artrepreneur has the sole discretion to determine what shall be sufficient proof.

What Cannot Be Listed For Sale

  • Public Domain Works
  • Secondary resales are not permitted by individuals, however, organizations, such as galleries or other authorized representatives, with the rights to sell artwork may do so.
  • Supplies (such as yarn, beads, canvas, paints, books, patterns, tools, etc.) may not be listed.
  • Services are not allowed to be listed in the Marketplace or a Showroom but should, instead, use our Services Board.
  • Mass-produced or commercially crafted works.
    • It is best if a seller can create their items entirely with their own hands. However, Artrepreneur acknowledges that this is prohibitive for certain types of artwork. (i.e. printing of your digital artwork, or metal casting from your handmade mold). However, these works must be limited to editions of 50 or less.
  • Non-visual-artist works, such as real estate and motor vehicles (automobiles, motorcycles, boats, etc.),
  • Digital-only items
  • Legally prohibited items for online sales, such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, working Firearms and/or weapons, etc.


To ensure that potential buyers have the requisite information about an artwork to make a purchase, Artrepreneur recommends adding as many details as possible to your artwork. Please review the Image Upload Guidelines before uploading the Artwork.  (i.e. do not upload multiple images of the same work or uncropped works) Failure to do so could result in its removal.

After uploading your artwork, an Artwork Detail Page will be created where you can add the relevant details. On the Artwork’s detail page, you’ll find content areas, such as:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Category/subcategory
  • Materials used
  • Keywords
  • Copyright information

While the information listed above is the minimum required, it is a “best practice” to add as many details as possible about you and your work as many buyers will evaluate your entire profile to ensure that purchasing your work is the right investment. An accurate and thoughtful profile and detailed artwork descriptions can mean the difference between a sale or the buyer choosing a work by another artist.

Google Shopping and Advertising. Giclée prints added to the Marketplace will be added to Google Shopping, Facebook Marketplace, Pinterest, and other social media and marketing platforms to help drives sales. Each platform will show Marketplace works to potential customers based upon matching what it knows about a customer’s likes, demographics, and other personal preferences with the information provided on the Artwork’s Detail Page. While Artrepreneur cannot guarantee that your work will be shown by these sites, you can increase your chances by including accurate details about your work.


When adding artwork to Artrepreneur, Members must first upload their work to create its Artwork Detail page, which has all the information about the work, including titles, descriptions, materials used, year of creation, and more. Please follow the Image Upload Guidelines. Artwork that does not adhere to the guidelines may be removed.

Originals and Limited Editions.  Uploaded images must accurately depict the item that you are selling. Artrepreneur is not involved in the sale and any disputes regarding falsely representing the items being sold are between the buyer and seller. However, Artrepreneur reserves the right to cancel a Seller’s account if the Seller misrepresents their work. For more details on account cancellations, please review our Terms of Service.

Giclée Prints. Artrepreneur requires images submitted for Giclée printing to meet the following requirements.

  • Dimensions:
    • Minimum Size: 2400px on each side. (8” at 300 DPI)
    • Maximum Size: 10,800px on the smallest side (36″ at 300 DPI) *
  • Colorspace: RGB
  • File Format: .jpg or .png (transparent .png images are not allowed)

After uploading your image, you will be shown the maximum print size possible for that image. If you would like to submit a larger image, you may do so, however, once your image is submitted for approval, it cannot be changed. The artwork and its detail page must first be deleted. This will remove all content for that image including removal of the work from the Marketplace if it is also being sold as an original or limited edition.  You may then upload the image again as new artwork.

Also, please note that Artrepreneur does not require printable resolution images for most features, so to ensure fast loading times for visitors to our site, we reduce the size of the initial uploaded images to no greater than 2200px on a side, discarding the original image. However, the remaining image will not meet the minimum size requirements for Giclée printing. Therefore, when submitting the artwork for approval to be sold as a Giclée print in the Artrepreneur Marketplace, you must upload a printable image again, even if it is the same one that you had uploaded initially.  

Special Consideration for Multiple Sizes: Uploading multiple images of the same work is not allowed EXCEPT when you are selling originals or Limited Editions in multiple sizes of the same work. Currently, Artrepreneur does not have a mechanism for selling original artworks in multiple sizes from the same artwork detail page. In this situation –  AND ONLY IN THIS SITUATION – you may upload the same work again to create another artwork detail page containing the same work.

However, we suggest adding the size to the title so that potential buyers, and our reviewers, can easily see the difference between the two listed items. Failure to do so could inadvertently lead to one of the Works being deleted.

Note, this limitation does not apply to Giclée Prints, where up to three sizes can be listed for sale on the Artwork Detail Page.


Original Artwork added to the Marketplace or Showroom must be sold for at least $100.00 USD. Please be aware that you will have certain fixed costs, such as printing, shipping, or transaction fees from payment providers, such as PayPal, and credit card companies. Please price your Artwork so that you do not end up owing more in fees than you are receiving from your sale.

When pricing Giclée prints, you may choose a profit to add to the printing costs for each size you choose to sell (You may choose up to three print sizes). For more details, see Selling Giclée Prints in the Help Center.

Please review the following additional pricing requirements:

  • Accurate Pricing. Your artwork price must be an accurate reflection of its value. Inaccurate or inflated pricing can affect all of our Members by eroding the overall confidence of buyers and collectors when looking for potential artwork to purchase. Note that Giclée Prints are unsigned and should not carry the same value as an original or limited-edition print.
    • If we believe your artwork is priced at a level inconsistent with market values or added for reasons other than a genuine attempt to sell the artwork on the Platform, it may be removed without notice at our sole discretion.
    • Artrepreneur may request additional documentation to verify the value of an artwork, such as an appraisal or proof that similar or analogous artwork created by the artist sold at comparable rates.
  • PayPal limits artwork purchases to below $10,000 USD. When selling originals and limited editions, you may choose to use PayPal as your payment method. Paypal does not accept payments above $10,000. If your artwork is priced above $10,000, only the Direct payment method will be available.


When selling originals and limited editions, Artrepreneur merely acts as a platform to link up buyers and sellers. As such, we can offer no commissions so that you, the artist, can keep the proceeds from your creative talent.  This also means that we are not involved in the shipping or your work.

You, the seller, are responsible for both setting the shipping price and packing and shipping your artwork (or in the event of a return, a buyer). Please be sure to pack your artwork appropriately and carefully with adequate packaging so it arrives undamaged. Please note, that Artrepreneur accepts no risk of loss in connection with a seller failing to adequately package their artwork. All such issues should be resolved solely between the buyer and seller.  (Please see “I have a problem with my purchase”).

A shipping cost is added on the Marketplace Popup and will appear on the Artwork Detail page and Showroom Detail page.

Artrepreneur understands that you may not know the shipping costs because you do not know the location before someone purchases your art. You will need to estimate a cost based on the size, weight, and/or location that will cover the costs. See Selling Originals in the Help Center.


Be aware that when shipping your own work, there may be unforeseen circumstances such as loss, damage, or theft. Unfortunately, the maximum insurance available may not cover the entire value of the artwork. For example, FedEx only permits a maximum declared value of up to $1,000 for artwork. If the artwork is more than the maximum insurance amount from your shipping carrier, you may want to consider a supplemental insurance policy or check your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if the value of the shipped artwork is included.


Original and Limited Editions. Artrepreneur does not process payment transactions. Your payments are processed through whichever payment processor you choose (i.e. PayPal). You will control your own payment processing account. For sales made using PayPal on Artrepreneur, you will get paid directly from PayPal to your Paypal Business Account and subject to PayPal’s service terms and conditions.

Giclée Prints. All payments will be sent to your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account, please sign up for one before adding your work to the Marketplace. Please be sure that you have added your PayPal email address in the Settings or we will be unable to send your payment. Also, please be sure you check that you have accurately typed the proper email address. Once payment is made, we may not be able to retrieve funds sent to the wrong account.


As further set out in our Terms, Artrepreneur cannot review every listing on the Platform so Artrepreneur relies on you to help Artrepreneur know if someone is listing an item that violates our Terms. If you believe your rights are being infringed upon, or have discovered a member violating our Terms, we encourage you to contact Artrepreneur at our Contact Page, or if you are the copyright holder of the work may initiate a DMCA takedown to have the work removed.

Please note as further set out in our Terms of Service, intellectual property reports should not be used maliciously or to harass other users. Artrepreneur reserves the right to delete any Member Account that uses the reporting system for anything other than its intended use or in bad faith.

As further set out below and in the Terms of Service, Artrepreneur reserves the right to remove any artwork that does not adhere to these Marketplace and Showroom Rules or otherwise violates the Terms. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the removal of any artwork, you may contact Artrepreneur via our Contact Page


These Marketplace and Showroom Guidelines are incorporated into Artrepreneur’s Terms of Service. By using Artrepreneur, you’re agreeing to these guidelines and the Terms. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the respective meanings ascribed to such terms in the Artrepreneur Terms of Service.

All items offered for sale on Artrepreneur are subject to Artrepreneur’s staff review on a case-by-case basis. If Artrepreneur determines that any item is in violation of these Marketplace and Showroom Rules or any other Policies, the item may be hidden or removed from Artrepreneur at our sole discretion.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about this Arbitration Policy, you may contact Artrepreneur via our Contact Page or by mail to Orangenius Inc., DBA Artrepreneur, 511 Ave of the Americas, Suite #934, New York, NY 10011.

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