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Store and Showroom Rules

Last updated, March 25, 2024

Artrepreneur allows its Members to offer original works, limited editions, and giclée prints for sale in various categories, mediums, and styles. Selling artwork on Artrepreneur will give our members access to a worldwide audience of potential buyers and collectors visiting our site to buy art.


  1. Artrepreneur offers a variety of channels for members to sell their artwork, each with specific processes and opportunities:
    1. Originals and Limited Editions Store: This platform allows artists to list and sell their original works and limited editions directly to buyers. The transaction process, including payments and shipping, is directly managed between the seller and the buyer, with Artrepreneur serving as the facilitator by providing a platform for listing and discovery. To maintain a diverse and high-quality selection of artworks, ensuring a positive browsing experience for users, entry into this store is regulated through an application process. For more details on how to apply and the criteria for inclusion, please refer to the Originals Store section in our Help Center.
    2. Giclée Print Store: Currently not accepting new applications, this store remains active for members previously approved to sell their prints. Artrepreneur oversees payments, printing, and shipping for a seamless transaction process.
    3. Showrooms: Available to all Pro Members, Showrooms offer a dedicated space to feature any artworks available for direct sale, including those listed in the Originals and Limited Editions Store. This option does not require an additional application process, enabling Pro Members to create personalized showcases within the marketplace.
    4. Consultancy and the Commercial Ready Program: operates as the commercial division of Artrepreneur, focusing on art consultancy services for businesses and commercial clients. Artists interested in exploring commercial opportunities can apply to the Commercial Ready Program through our Open Calls, which is designed to highlight artworks that fit well within commercial settings such as offices, hotels, and healthcare facilities. Artworks that successfully pass through the Commercial Ready Program are considered for inclusion in various commercial projects managed by This program serves as a gateway for artists to access commercial markets and gain exposure to a new audience of art buyers.
    5. Readymade Store: A curated online marketplace managed directly by Artrepreneur, featuring a selection of artworks deemed suitable for commercial spaces. This store is an extension of’s efforts to provide ready-to-display art solutions for commercial clients. Artworks included in the Readymade Store are selected from those identified through the Commercial Ready Program, alongside other curated initiatives, ensuring a high-quality and diverse selection suitable for various commercial environments. The inclusion of artworks in the Readymade Store is selective and strategic, aimed at aligning with specific requirements and themes of commercial projects. Artists featured in the Readymade Store benefit from increased visibility and the opportunity to sell their works directly to businesses and commercial buyers looking for ready-made art solutions. Please visit the related section of this Help Center for more information on how to participate in the Commercial Ready Program and potentially have your artwork featured in the Readymade Store.


II. No Commissions for Artist-Direct Sales

Artrepreneur is committed to ensuring artists receive the full financial benefit from their sales. No commissions are taken from sales made through the Originals Store or Showrooms. This approach allows artists to retain total control over their pricing and profits, emphasizing our belief that artists should benefit directly from their work. Revenue to support the platform is generated through Pro memberships and, for the Giclée Print Store, through printing fees paid by the buyer. Consultancy and the Readymade Store: Fee and Payment Structures

The consultancy service and the Readymade Store operate under a different model. For artworks sold through the consultancy or featured in the Readymade Store, a specific fee structure is applied, which is designed to facilitate the curation, promotion, and sale of artworks to commercial clients. This structure supports the additional services provided, including marketing, client consultation, and project management, ensuring that artworks find suitable placements in commercial spaces. Details on the fees and payment structure for artists participating in these programs can be found in the section of this Help Center.


Artrepreneur supports the sale of a diverse range of artworks under the following guidelines:

  • Artworks: Must be of an artistic nature, which includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, mixed media, digital art, and photography. Artworks should be intended for sale as physical items.
  • Original Works and Limited Editions: Artworks can be original creations or limited editions. While limited editions do not have a strict cap, it is recommended they come with a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Copyright Holder: The seller must be the copyright holder, authorized agent, or assignee, ensuring they have the legal right to sell the artwork. This applies to individual artists and organizations such as galleries.

Prohibited for Sale:

  • Downloadable digital images or NFTs.
  • Artworks without human authorship (e.g., AI-generated art) unless significantly altered or used as part of a mixed media piece by the artist.
  • Public domain works.
  • Secondary resales by individuals (except organizations with selling rights).
  • Art supplies or non-artistic items.
  • Mass-produced or commercially crafted works not limited to editions of 50 or fewer.
  • Non-visual artist works (e.g., real estate, vehicles).
  • Legally prohibited items (e.g., drugs, weapons).

Content and Activities Prohibition:

Content or activities that are hateful, discriminatory, violent, promoting illegal activities, harmful, inappropriate, or infringing upon others’ rights are strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, content that attacks individuals or groups based on race, religion, ethnic origin, and other protected characteristics, promotes or facilitates illegal actions, or involves the sale of restricted items.


Accurate and detailed descriptions of your artwork are crucial for engaging potential buyers and ensuring they have all the information needed to make a purchase decision. Before uploading your artwork, please familiarize yourself with our Image Upload Guidelines to ensure your visual presentation matches the quality of your textual descriptions.

Upon uploading your artwork, you’ll create an Artwork Detail Page, where you can add comprehensive details about your piece, including:

  • Title: Make it descriptive yet concise.
  • Description: Provide a detailed narrative of your artwork, its inspiration, techniques used, and any other information highlighting its uniqueness.
  • Category/Subcategory: Choose the most accurate category to help buyers find your work easily.
  • Materials Used: Detail the materials and processes involved in creating your artwork.
  • Keywords: Select relevant keywords to improve search visibility within Artrepreneur and search engines.
  • Copyright Information: Ensure you have the rights to sell the artwork and provide any necessary copyright information.

While the above elements are the minimum required, we strongly recommend building a comprehensive profile with a detailed artist statement, biographical information, and any exhibitions or awards. This holistic approach enriches your artwork descriptions and enhances your visibility and attractiveness to potential buyers.

For artworks listed in specific stores like the Readymade Store or selected through the consultancy, tailor your descriptions to meet any specific guidelines or recommendations provided for those platforms. High-quality images, in line with our Image Upload Guidelines, are essential across all listings to complement your detailed descriptions.

Remember, the synergy between a well-crafted artwork description, a complete artist profile, and high-quality images can significantly impact the likelihood of a sale and distinguish your work from others.

V. Promotion Through Third-Party Marketplaces

Artrepreneur actively seeks opportunities to increase the visibility and accessibility of artworks to a wider audience. This includes selecting artworks from the Readymade Store for promotion on external online stores and directories, including but not limited to Google Shopping. This effort is part of our strategy to spotlight the curated collection of the Readymade Store, designed for commercial spaces and broader audiences.

Key Points:

  • Selection for Promotion: Not all artworks will be automatically listed on third-party platforms. Selection is based on various criteria, including artistic merit, suitability for commercial spaces, and alignment with potential buyers’ interests on these platforms.
  • Platform Terms: Listings on external platforms are governed by their terms and conditions. As such, the visibility and presentation of artworks may vary.
  • Optimization: To enhance the chances of being selected for these promotional opportunities, ensure your artworks are detailed and accurately categorized. Quality descriptions and images can significantly impact your artwork’s appeal to external platform algorithms and, by extension, potential buyers.

Please note that artworks available through other channels, such as the Originals Store or those represented by consultancy, may also receive promotional considerations in different contexts, consistent with Artrepreneur’s overall marketing strategies and the specific objectives of those channels.

Our goal is to foster opportunities for artists to connect with buyers and collectors through multiple avenues, enhancing their work’s commercial potential while respecting each piece’s integrity and copyright.


When listing artwork on Artrepreneur, members initiate the process by uploading their work. This creates an Artwork Detail Page, essential for showcasing the artwork and providing potential buyers with comprehensive details. Adherence to the Image Upload Guidelines ensures your artwork is presented at its best, enhancing its visibility and appeal.

For All Listings:

  • Upload Guidelines: Ensure your images meet our quality standards. Images must accurately represent the artwork and be free from distractions. Refer to our Image Upload Guidelines for detailed instructions.
  • Artwork Detail Page: This page showcases your artwork. Include a detailed title, description, materials used, and relevant keywords. The more information you provide, the better potential buyers can understand and appreciate your work.

For Originals and Limited Editions:

  • Ensure representations are accurate to avoid disputes. Misrepresentations may lead to account cancellation. See Terms of Service for more details.

For Multiple Sizes:

  • If selling artwork in multiple sizes, create separate listings for each size. Clearly denote the size in the title to distinguish between listings.

Given the foundational explanation provided earlier, this section reinforces the operational steps and best practices for listing artworks across the platform’s various channels.


Original Artwork added to the Marketplace or Showroom must be sold for at least $100.00 USD. Please be aware that you will have certain fixed costs, such as printing, shipping, or transaction fees, from payment providers such as PayPal and credit card companies. Please price your artwork so that you do not owe more fees than you receive for your sale.

When pricing Giclée prints, you may choose a profit to add to the printing costs for each size you choose to sell (You may choose up to three print sizes). For more details, see Selling Giclée Prints in the Help Center.

Please review the following additional pricing requirements:

  • Accurate Pricing. Your artwork price must be an accurate reflection of its value. Inaccurate or inflated pricing can affect all of our Members by eroding the overall confidence of buyers and collectors when looking for potential artwork to purchase. Note that Giclée Prints are unsigned and should not carry the same value as an original or limited-edition print.
    • If we believe your artwork is priced at a level inconsistent with market values or added for reasons other than a genuine attempt to sell it on the Platform, we may remove it without notice at our sole discretion.
    • Artrepreneur may request additional documentation to verify the value of an artwork, such as an appraisal or proof that similar or analogous artwork created by the artist sold at comparable rates.
  • PayPal limits artwork purchases to below $10,000 USD. When selling originals and limited editions, you may choose to use PayPal as your payment method. Paypal does not accept payments above $10,000. Only the Direct payment method will be available if your artwork is priced above $10,000.


Artrepreneur encourages artists to price their artworks thoughtfully, considering the value of their work and the costs associated with selling and delivering it to the buyer. The pricing strategies differ slightly across the various channels available for selling artwork on Artrepreneur.

General Pricing Guidelines:

  • Minimum Price: Artwork listed in the Originals Store and Showrooms must be priced at a minimum of $100.00 USD to ensure the quality and seriousness of offerings on our platform.
  • Accurate Pricing: Prices must accurately reflect the value of the artwork. Overinflated prices or those significantly below market value may lead to questioning and removal from the platform.
  • Transaction Fees: Consider fees from payment providers like PayPal or credit card companies, ensuring your pricing covers these costs.

Specific Channel Pricing Policies:

Originals Store and Showrooms: Artists can set their prices but should aim for consistency with market rates. Artrepreneur reserves the right to review and, if necessary, remove listings with unreasonable prices.

Readymade Store: Pricing is standardized across all works and sizes within the Readymade Store, simplifying the decision-making process for buyers. This uniform pricing model facilitates easier transactions and maintains consistency across the curated collection. Consultancy: Pricing for artworks sold through is determined through individual negotiations between Artrepreneur (on behalf of and the artist. These negotiations consider the artwork’s value, production costs (if applicable), and any framing requirements. Each transaction will be documented in a contract and Purchase Order detailing the agreed terms.

Additional Notes:

  • PayPal Transactions: For sales involving PayPal, be aware of the $10,000 limit for artwork purchases. For higher-priced items, alternative payment methods must be arranged.
  • Documentation for Value Verification: Artrepreneur may request documentation, such as appraisals or records of previous sales, to verify the value of an artwork, ensuring fairness and transparency in the marketplace.

By adhering to these pricing guidelines and policies, artists ensure a fair and transparent marketplace for all members, enhancing the overall Artrepreneur experience for buyers and sellers alike.



When selling and shipping artworks through Artrepreneur, it’s essential to consider the risks involved, including potential loss, damage, or theft during transit. Insurance is critical in mitigating these risks and protecting the artist and buyer.

Shipping Insurance:

  • Carriers like FedEx do not offer a maximum insurance coverage for artwork exceeding $1,000. Artists are advised to evaluate the value of their shipped artwork against this limit.
  • If your artwork’s value surpasses the maximum insurance amount available from your shipping carrier, we strongly recommend securing a supplemental insurance policy. This may involve purchasing additional coverage from the carrier or exploring third-party insurance options.
  • Artists should also review their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, as it may provide coverage for artwork during shipping.

Insurance for Onsite Installations:

  • Artists engaged in creating murals or performing other onsite installations will need to obtain additional insurance coverage as required by the client or the site where the work is being installed. This insurance should cover potential damages to the property, the artwork, and any liabilities arising from the installation process.
  • The client or site owner will determine the specific insurance requirements and coverage amounts. Artists are responsible for negotiating these terms and ensuring adequate coverage is in place before commencing the project.

General Recommendations:

  • Always retain documentation of your artwork’s value, including appraisals, purchase receipts, or sales records. This documentation will be crucial in the event of a claim.
  • Discuss with your insurance provider the best coverage options for your needs, considering shipping and onsite installation activities.

By considering these insurance considerations, artists can better protect their work and financial interests, ensuring a smoother transaction process for all parties involved.


Artrepreneur facilitates various methods for artists to receive payments for their sales, tailored to the specific channel through which the artwork is sold. Here’s how payment processes are managed across our different sales channels:

Original and Limited Editions: For artworks sold directly by artists through the Originals Store or Showrooms, Artrepreneur does not handle the payment transactions directly. Artists are responsible for setting up and managing their own payment processing, typically through services like PayPal. Sales made using PayPal on Artrepreneur allow artists to receive payments directly into their PayPal Business Accounts, adhering to PayPal’s terms and conditions. Consultancy: Artists participating in projects through consultancy are paid directly by Artrepreneur or the client, depending on the project’s specific contractual arrangements. Payment terms, including schedules and methods, are detailed in individual contracts or Purchase Orders issued for each project. Artists may be required to submit invoices as per the agreement to initiate payment processing.

Readymade Store: For artworks sold through the Readymade Store, Artrepreneur manages all aspects of the sale, including payment processing. Artists will receive payments based on a predetermined fee structure outlined in the Readymade Store Artist Agreement. Payments for sales in the Readymade Store are typically processed through direct bank transfers or PayPal, according to the preferences specified by the artist in their agreement.

General Payment Guidelines:

  • Ensure that your payment information, including PayPal email addresses and bank details, is up-to-date and accurately entered into your Artrepreneur account or provided to Artrepreneur for consultancy and Readymade Store sales.
  • Review and understand the payment terms outlined in any contracts or agreements related to sales through consultancy or the Readymade Store.

By following these guidelines, artists can effectively navigate the payment processes across Artrepreneur’s various sales channels, ensuring a smooth and reliable payment experience.


These Marketplace and Showroom Guidelines are incorporated into Artrepreneur’s Terms of Service. By using Artrepreneur, you’re agreeing to these guidelines and the Terms. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the respective meanings ascribed to such terms in the Artrepreneur Terms of Service.

All items offered for sale on Artrepreneur are subject to Artrepreneur’s staff review on a case-by-case basis. If Artrepreneur determines that any item is in violation of these Marketplace and Showroom Rules or any other Policies, the item may be hidden or removed at our sole discretion.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, you may contact us at [email protected]