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Choosing a Payment Method

When making an original or limited-edition artwork work available for sale on Artrepreneur, the seller must choose the payment method for that sale.

  • Direct Payments. Sellers can have the buyer contact them via email or provide a link to send the buyer to another website to initiate the transaction.
  • PayPal. Receive payment immediately through PayPal.

Whichever option the artist selects, only that option will be available to the buyer.

Artrepreneur is not involved in the work’s purchase or packing/shipping regardless of which option is selected. We merely provide a platform to bring together buyers and sellers, and the seller is responsible for the entire transaction. As such, Artrepreneur takes NO COMMISSION on the sale.

Which One is Right for You?

Direct to Buyer

The buyer will contact the seller directly using our online form with this option. This method is best:

  • when the price is negotiable
  • if you have a preferred payment method other than Paypal
  • for large, heavy works that require specialized shipping and insurance,
  • For works over $10,000. (PayPal will not accept transactions over $10,000, so you must use the direct payment method.)


PayPal is used by millions of people worldwide for safe and effortless transactions. This method is best:

  • If you do not have an alternative safe and secure payment processor.
  • When the price is non-negotiable.
  • When shipping costs do not vary dramatically across the United States
  • If you don’t have a system for invoicing and financial reporting.
  • For works under $10,000. (PayPal will not accept transactions over $10,000.)

With Paypal, purchases are immediate, and funds are transferred to your PayPal account after the transaction is complete. PayPal also provides excellent reporting tools for accounting and paying your taxes.

To use Paypal. You must have a PayPal Business Account to receive payments, and it’s free to sign up or upgrade to a PayPal Business account from a personal Paypal account. To set up PayPal to receive payments, just add your PayPal Business Client ID on the Settings page or choose Paypal on any artwork’s Sell Direct Submission Form.

For instructions on getting your PayPal client ID, see Get a PayPal Client ID.

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