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Abstract Non-objective and or non-representation painting. Does not represent or depict a being, place, or thing.
Figurative Representational or conceptually painting featuring the human form.
Contemporary Paintings that explore the subjects of social, political, environmental, philosophical, ethical, and moral aspects of the present.
Landscape Depictions of the environment that are traditionally regarded as expansive views of natural pastoral settings, including seascapes, cloudscapes, cityscapes.
Portrait Painting of an individual, or several individuals, where the focus is on the individuals depicted.  Traditionally, the face and expression are predominant.
Still Life Organized collection of inanimate objects presented as the subject, both natural or man-made.
Mural Paintings found in public spaces, such as walls and streets.
Photorealism Representational paintings that are photo-like in quality. Often based upon photographic reference.
Surrealism Using representational and non-representational, the subject matter includes dreams, metaphysical, non-reality-based imagery.
Folk Art Painting with roots in a cultural community, heritage, and folklore.
Narrative Paintings that tell a story, either through a single image or series of images.
Animals Paintings that feature animals as the subject matter.
Botanical Artworks of plants, flowers, and trees in their natural habitats such as a garden or countryside.
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