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Filling Out the Originals Submission Form

Artpreneur members must submit their original and limited edition artwork, along with the artwork’s sale details (i.e., price, dimensions, payment method, etc.) to be included in the Artrepreneur Sell Direct Store. Pro Members can also sell artwork in their Showrooms without approval. In either case, you must fill out the Sell Originals Submission Form to make the work available for sale.

Please note that Artrepreneur is not involved in this sales process when selling direct. You are responsible for handling the transaction and packing/shipping the work to the buyer in a timely manner.  We merely provide a platform to bring together buyers and sellers, and therefore, we take NO COMMISSION on any sale.



There are several options that sellers should understand before filling out the form.

  • Choose a method of payment. Sellers can have a potential customer contact them directly to initiate the sales process (by sending the customer to another website or via email) or using Paypal.
  • Editions. You to choose up to 50 editions for each original or limited edition artwork you make available for sale.  The artwork detail page will indicate the number of editions available.
  • Shipping Fee. Because Artrepreneur does not take part in the sales transaction, and due to the variations of size, weight, and packing materials used for each artwork, we cannot accurately determine a shipping cost at the time of purchase. Instead, you should add a shipping price on the form. We understand that calculating shipping without knowing the destination can be challenging. Click here for a suggested approach.
  • View in Showroom. Pro Members can make any original or limited edition work for sale on Artrepreneur without approval. (Only adding artwork to the Artrepreneur Store requires approval.) By default, the artwork will also be included in your Showroom if you have created one.  However, if you want to make the artwork available for sale on Artrepreneur but do not want it in your Showroom, just uncheck “in Showroom.”
  • Hide or reveal Price. In some cases, you may not want to show the sale price of a specific artwork. Simply uncheck the “Reveal Price” checkbox to hide the price from public view. Buyers and collectors will see “Contact for Price” rather than the artwork’s sale price. However, you must still include a price for the work on this form.
  • Production and Shipping Details. Please provide information about the production, printing, shipping, or other deliverables (i.e., paper type, frame and mat, shipping carrier, delivery times, etc.) in this area of the form. The information will be displayed on your artwork detail page.
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