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My Artwork Was Hidden? What Should I Do?

Failure to adhere to our Image Upload Guidelines or other Policies may result in your work being temporarily hidden from public view. Common reasons include uncropped work, blurry images, miscategorization, or pricing that is inconsistent with the reasonable market value. In such instances, you will receive an email notifying you that your work has been hidden.

TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE: For Image related issues, replace the image with a corrected version that meets the criteria from our Image Upload Guidelines. To replace the image, go to the artwork page, click the edit button and choose “Replace Primary Image.” For miscategorized works, change the category and/or subcategory from your artwork page’s edit screen. For artwork removed from the Original or Print Store due to inflated or other pricing issues, adjust the price from the Original or Print Screens on your artwork detail page. Once replaced, your artwork will automatically become visible to the public.


Replace the Primary Image from your Artwork Edit Screen

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