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Number of Works in a Portfolio

Individual Members are limited to 15 works per portfolio and Organizations are limited to 100 Images, although there is no limit to the number of Portfolios you can create.

Why do we have a 15 work limit for individuals? Our goal is for every Artrepreneur member to give the best impression possible when showing off their work to the world. Too many images can be overwhelming for a viewer. Curating your work, on the other hand, ensures that the viewer sees your best and most relevant work so you can get that job, increase the chances of selling your work, or just gain new fans and followers. Think of the image limit as a reminder to keep it amazing.

While you’re at it, make sure the works in your Portfolios are cohesive, with an overarching theme. Add a title and description to your Portfolio so that the viewers know what the group of works is all about. Also, consider customizing the Portfolio’s URL so the Portfolio is easier to find or share with prospective clients and social media followers.

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