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Character Including illustrations for film, animation, video games, board games, and comics specifically pertaining to the design and description of characters within that story, but not including artwork used within the story (no comic pages for instance, or film stills, just the design illustrations themselves)
Sequential Any illustration used as a panel, page, or pages from a comic strip, comic book, graphic novel, Zine, artist books, online comic, or any other sequential based artwork made specifically for print publication (including digital publishing) This category may also include storyboards for concept development in any illustration related field.
Editorial Illustration intended for use in illustrating articles, essays, short stories, and other narrative writing specific to magazines, periodicals, newspapers, and related print media (Including online magazines and publishing.)
Fantasy Sci-Fi Sci-Fi works, including those in books, video games, magazines, comics, playing cards, posters, and related media. This can include concept art and storyboards.
Book Related to book publishing including book covers and interior illustrations, but not including either sequential or kids books (Books where writing is the primary focus, and the illustrations are secondary)
Caricature Illustrated portraits that serve as commentary, humorous, political, or otherwise, where the portrait makes light of the subject, political cartoons, humorous depictions, etc. Not to be confused with more literal portraits of celebrities and public figures (see drawing and painting categories for those).
Surface design Illustration used for precut surface design, patterns for clothing, wallpaper, shoes, skateboards, hats, stationery, plates, cups and other dishes, towels, blankets, and any related objects or articles.
Digital Illustrations created with and used in a purely digital context, such as websites, online publications, and related locations
Kids Book Illustration related specifically to the children’s book publishing market
Advertising Illustrations used in branding and advertising campaigns
Poster Illustrations created and used as poster art including film posters, theater posters, political posters, and any other related subjects used on posters.
Tattoo Illustration used in the design of a tattoo, both applied or unapplied as an actual tattoo.
Animated Any short, looping animation created in the GIF format and used online. (GIF is a specific digital format, highly compressed and meant for low-res web animation.
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