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Why Should I Build a Visual Resume/CV?

When applying for a full-time job. you are usually required to provide a resumé detailing your career highlights so the hiring manager can better evaluate you and your skills. The same is true in the art and design world. Potential buyers and clients viewing your art or designs will often look at your background before buying any artwork or contacting you for their next creative projects.

Besides providing details about your talent and skills, a well-crafted Resumé/CV also says a lot about you as a person. After all, if you don’t care to include details about yourself, your career highlights, or your creative process, then why should anyone else care?  Whether you are a professional artist, just starting out, or are using your creative talents for a side hustle, a thoughtful Resumé/CV can make the difference between getting that sale or job. 

Artrepreneur provides the most comprehensive online Resume/CV of any art site. Our Resumé/CV provides all the detail you need to tell your story, including an artist statement, creative skills, work experience, education, gallery representations, art organization affiliations, past exhibitions, creative projects, and more. Pius, each section can be linked to your Portfolios so viewers won’t just read about your creative history but can also see it, too.  


We give you all the tools to tell your story so you can let the audience know who you are and what makes you special. To build your visual Resumé/CV, go to your Dashboard and click “View/Edit Full Resume.”