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Applying to Sell Originals

The Artrepreneur Sell Direct Store connects art buyers and collectors with emerging artists from across the globe. All works are sold by the artists directly. Artrepreneur does not take part in the transaction, production, or shipping of the works and so we take no fees or commissions on any sale. We believe it is your creative talent and you deserve to receive the full benefits from your work. However, before any artwork is added to the Store, it must be reviewed by our Curatorial Team.

The approval process is simple.

Step 1. Join Artrepreneur as a Basic Plan member.  Artrepreneur is free to Join.

Step 2. Upload your Artwork to create your artwork’s page and add any details about your work.

Step 3.  Go to the Artwork detail page and click the “Sell Direct” button, as shown below.

Fill out the details in the Form and save your information.

Please review the details to ensure they are accurate. You may come back at any time to edit the information.

Step 4. 

Once your details on the Form are complete, click the “Submit for Approval” button to start the approval process.

Step 5.

Our Curators will review your work. You will receive an email notification once a decision has been made.


What if My Work is Rejected?  Works may be rejected due to image issues, such as poor cropping, blurriness, or failure to adhere to our Policies and Guidelines. Depending upon the reason for the rejection, you can fix the issues and resubmit.

So that our visitors can have the best experience possible, we may limit certain types of works or the number of works we accept from each artist. However, you may still well your work on Artrepreneur by becoming a Pro Member and activating your personal Showroom. Pro Members can sell artwork in their Showroom without submitting it for approval. (To learn more, see Why Should I Upgrade to Pro?)