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Build Your Resumé/CV

Your resume page is where you can add your career highlights to let the audience know who you are and what makes you special. It’s not easy to write about yourself or your work as an artist. Yet, we all know people like stories. The more interesting the story, the more time people will spend reading, listening to, or watching them. It’s no different when viewing your resume. The story will get them intrigued and wanting to know more. To add resume details, go to the My Profile Page

Add Summary Information

Start with the summary section at the top of the page, paying particular attention to your personal statement. Make it interesting and memorable. You can also add links to social media sites or your own website and list important creative skills. 

Add Creative Highlights

Here’s where you can go deeper. Add the most important aspects of your creative career, including work experience, education, special projects, exhibitions, press, awards, and more along with descriptions of each.  Then organize the page by ordering sections and items. You can even link the items to portfolios so that people can see what you did, not just read about it. Add as many career milestones as you want or just add the important ones and attach a PDF of your full resume. Then, share it with prospective clients or use it to apply for jobs from our job board or other job sites across the web.   

To add career highlights, use the pulldown menu to choose the section you would like to add.  


You can reorder the Highlight sections as well as the items within them by dragging them by clicking and holding your mouse on the right side of the section and dragging it up or down.  

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