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Creating Portfolios

Artrepreneur allows Members to create an unlimited number of portfolios that can be viewed on their public profiles. Portfolios should be curated with a visually cohesive or thematic group of works. Portfolios from an individual account can hold up to 15 works, while organization accounts can include 100 works.

To create or add work to a current portfolio, go to your Artwork Management screen using the icon in the top menu

Select the artworks you want in your portfolio and then click the Add to Portfolio button, and either create a new portfolio or choose a current portfolio from the dropdown menu.



You will be sent to the portfolio’s edit screen where you can add a title, description, customized URL, and choose a visual style. (Visual styles are available for individual accounts only) . You can create as many portfolios as you want. You can also choose to show or hide your portfolios from your Profile page. Just go to your Manage Portfolios page from your dashboard and use the checkboxes to select the portfolios you want to show.  Hidden portfolios can still be shown to those who have the Portfolio’s URL.

TIP: This feature can be very helpful when creating portfolios for specific clients or prospective buyers. You can create a Portfolio with a group of images, a unique description, and a custom URL specifically for the particular client or buyer. Then just send the client the Portfolio URL to see it. And since you marked it as hidden, only the client, or someone with the URL, will be able to view it.  

Connect your resume and portfolios. The creative highlights on your resume can connect to your portfolios so that viewers won’t just read about your important career milestones but can see them as well. Edit items in the Career Highlights section of your Resumé/CV page and use the pull-down menu to select a portfolio.

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