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Choosing Artwork Category

Artrepreneur helps visual artists promote themselves and their work. So a good first step is to upload the work that can best show off your creative talent. Before uploading any artwork to Artrepreneur, we suggest reviewing the Image Upload Guidelines to ensure that your artwork meets the recommended requirements. To upload your work, click the upload artwork icon at the top of any page, as shown below.

 When uploading your work, you will be asked to choose a category and subcategory for that work or group of works. Please see our Category Definitions section of this Help Center, before uploading.

 IMPORTANT: Miscategorized works may be removed at our discretion After uploading, you will be redirected to the Artwork’s Detail Page, where you will be able to add additional information about your work, which will give your work context and help your audience connect with it. (To see how to add multiple images of the same work, click here. The information you provide is also an important step in being discovered by our visitors searching for creative work on Artrepreneur. Additionally, Pro Members’ works will be added to public search engines, such as Google. Detailed, accurate descriptions are essential in order for your work to be displayed in public search engine results. Note to Videographers: Artrepreneur is primarily a platform for still images and animated GIFs, but not video.  However, Members can add a video to their artwork detail pages but must first upload a still image, or animated GIF of their work first. Then, you can edit the artwork to attach the video sample. Note that we may not have a category or subcategory to fit your video genre.