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Image Upload Sizes and Formats

Uploaded images should be in one of the following formats:  jpg, png, gif, or animated gif.

We recommend uploading large images that show off the quality of your work. However, images above 2200px wide or 2200px high will be reduced to fit those dimensions in the original ratio.  On some pages, small thumbnail images may be cropped, however, opening the image will show it in its original uncropped format.

If you are submitting works to the Giclée Print Shop, you must first upload your work to create your Artwork Page, which will be reduced to the dimensions discussed above.  You may then upload the high-resolution image for printing as part of the submission process. If your work is approved, we will provide an additional link to see a “watermarked” version of the full-sized image so potential buyers and collectors can see the quality and detail of the work. High-resolution images for printing are not required for the Originals Store or for Showrooms, so will be reduced upon upload to the dimensions discussed above.

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