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How Many Works Can I Sell in the Print Store?

While there is no specific limit on the number of works an artist can sell, the Giclée Print Store is curated so that our visitors, potential buyers, and collectors, have the best user experience possible. Therefore, our curatorial team may reject artworks to ensure a proper balance of artwork across categories, styles, subject matter, and artists.  This decision will be decided on a case-by-case basis and does not necessarily reflect on the quality of the artist’s work.

Additionally, while artists can submit as many works as they like for approval, only five works can be submitted at a time. If you try to submit more than five works, you will receive a message that you have reached the submission limit. Once a submitted work is either approved or rejected, that slot will be open to adding additional work. Note that Pro Members can sell any number of works directly to buyers through their Showrooms without any approval process. See the Selling Originals section for additional information.