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Open Call Rules

Updated on March 25, 2025

I. Introduction

Artrepreneur hosts various Open Calls to provide artists with opportunities to showcase their work, engage in commercial collaborations, and participate in competitions and programs designed to highlight their talents. These Open Calls come in several formats, catering to different objectives and artist needs:

  • Art Competitions: Contests based on specific themes or mediums, offering prizes and recognition.
  • Commercial Ready Program: A platform for artists to submit their works for consideration in commercial settings, with the potential for increased visibility and sales.
  • Project-Based Calls: Opportunities for artists to connect with clients for specific commercial projects, such as creating artwork for a brand or installation.
  • Residencies and Grants: Calls for applications to artist residency programs or financial grants to support artistic endeavors.

Each Open Call has its own set of rules, submission guidelines, and eligibility criteria detailed on the individual Open Call page. Artists are encouraged to review these details thoroughly before submitting their works to ensure compliance and increase their chances of success.

This document outlines the general rules and guidelines applicable to all Open Calls on Artrepreneur, providing artists with a comprehensive understanding of the application process, submission requirements, and key policies.

II. Eligibility and Membership Requirements

To participate in any Open Call hosted on the Artrepreneur platform, individuals must adhere to the following eligibility and membership requirements:

  • Membership: Applicants must be registered members of Artrepreneur. Membership on the platform is a prerequisite for applying to Open Calls. Individuals not currently registered will be prompted to join Artrepreneur upon initiating the application process for an Open Call.
  • Application Fees: Some Open Calls may require the payment of an application fee. The host of each open call determines the necessity and amount of such fees. Specific details regarding application fees will be provided on the individual Open Call page. It is important to note that all application fees are waived for Artrepreneur Pro members as a benefit of their subscription.
  • Fee Variability: Open Calls may vary in their approach to application fees. While some calls may impose a fee to cover administrative or juror expenses, others may not require a fee at all. This variability is at the discretion of the Open Call host and will be clearly outlined in the details of each call.

Applicants are encouraged to review the specific Open Call details for information on any required fees, eligibility criteria beyond Artrepreneur membership, and any additional requirements set forth by the Open Call host.

III. Image and Submission Guidelines

For artists applying to Open Calls on Artrepreneur, adhering to specific image and submission guidelines is essential to ensure the quality and consistency of submissions. Below are the general and Open Call-specific requirements:

  • Minimum Upload Requirements: All artwork submissions must meet Artrepreneur’s minimum upload size requirement of 2500 pixels on the smallest side. This standard ensures that all artworks displayed on the platform maintain a high quality of visual representation.
  • Open Call-Specific Requirements: Each Open Call may have unique requirements for the submitted artwork, including but not limited to file size, format, and dimension. The Open Call’s goals and the host’s needs determine these requirements. For Open Calls related to the Commercial Ready Program, file sizes may need to be larger to accommodate print purposes. Artists are advised to carefully review the submission guidelines provided on the specific Open Call page for detailed instructions.
  • Compliance with Guidelines: Artists must comply with the submission guidelines outlined in the specific Open Call. When an Open Call explicitly states that its specific guidelines or rules override Artrepreneur’s standard policies or the Terms of Service, these Open Call-specific guidelines will take precedence.

Artists are encouraged to closely follow the submission guidelines provided for each Open Call to increase the likelihood of their work being properly reviewed and considered. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in disqualification or suboptimal presentation of the artwork within the context of the Open Call.

IV. Submission Process

  1. Application Steps for Members:
    • Existing Artrepreneur members can apply directly by clicking the “Apply” button on the Open Call page, initiating the application wizard.
    • New users will be prompted to join Artrepreneur upon clicking “Apply.” After registration, they will be redirected back to the Open Call page to continue their application.
  2. Selecting and Submitting Works:
    • Applicants can either upload new artworks or select from previously uploaded works on their Artrepreneur profile to submit to the Open Call.
    • The number and type of works permissible for submission are determined by the Open Call’s specific requirements.
  3. Handling Multiple Submissions:
    • For submissions involving multiple works, a dedicated portfolio will automatically be created. This portfolio, titled after the Open Call, will be set to “hidden” by default to maintain privacy. To make this portfolio public, the artist must manually change its visibility settings.
    • In cases where only a single work is submitted, a portfolio will not be created. The submitted work can be found and managed within the artist’s Artwork area on Artrepreneur.
  4. Additional Information Requirements:
    • Some Open Calls may require further information beyond the artwork itself, such as an artist statement, detailed titles, or descriptions for each piece. Artists are advised to carefully read the Open Call details to ensure all requirements are met.
  5. Compliance with Open Call Requirements:
    • It is crucial for applicants to thoroughly review the specific requirements and guidelines of the Open Call to ensure their submission is compliant. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in disqualification.
  6. Managing Submissions:
    • Artists can manage their Open Call applications through the Open Call section on their Artrepreneur dashboard. This includes the ability to edit details of their submissions up to the deadline specified by the Open Call.

V. Editing and Managing Submissions

  • Editing Submissions Before the Deadline: Applicants have the ability to edit the details of their submissions, such as titles, descriptions, and other required information, up until the deadline specified by the Open Call. This feature allows for adjustments and refinements to ensure the submission best represents the artist’s intent and complies with the Open Call’s guidelines.
  • Submission Management: To manage and review their submissions, artists should navigate to the Open Call section located within their Artrepreneur dashboard. Here, artists can access all their Open Call applications, make necessary edits, or review the status of their entries.

VI. Selection Process Overview

  1. General Selection Criteria:
    • The selection process for Open Calls typically involves evaluating various factors, including artistic skill, creativity, the artist’s statement or description of the work, and the cohesiveness of the group of works submitted. These criteria aim to identify works that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and alignment with the thematic or conceptual focus of the Open Call.
  2. Unique Requirements of Each Open Call:
    • It is important to recognize that each Open Call may have its own set of specific requirements and criteria for selection. These unique requirements are designed to cater to the particular theme, medium, or objective of the Open Call. Artists are strongly encouraged to carefully read the details provided on each Open Call page to ensure their submissions align with these tailored guidelines.

. VII. Deadlines and Notifications

  1. Submission Timelines:
    • Submission deadlines for Open Calls vary. Each Open Call specifies its timeline, including start and end dates for submissions. Artists are encouraged to note these deadlines carefully to ensure timely participation.
  2. Editing and Deleting Submissions:
    • Before the deadline, artists have the flexibility to edit details of their submissions, such as titles and descriptions. However, deleting a portfolio (in case of multiple work submissions) or an individual artwork (in single entry submissions) will result in the removal of the application from the Open Call. Artists are advised to finalize their submissions carefully before the submission deadline.

VIII. Additional Terms and Clarifications

  1. Governing Documents:
    • The Artrepreneur Terms of Service and Privacy Policy serve as the primary governing documents for participation in Open Calls. However, specific rules for an Open Call may take precedence over these documents only if explicitly stated in the Open Call itself.
    • Artrepreneur is not responsible for incomplete, illegible, inaccurate, undelivered, delayed, or misdirected entries and reserves the right, without discretion, to modify or terminate this contest in the event of any act, occurrence, or reason that it believes would corrupt the integrity, administration, or fairness of the contest.
  2. Non-refund Policy for Application Fees:
    • Once an application has been submitted, application fees are non-refundable. This policy applies regardless of the outcome of the Open Call. Artists considering submission to Open Calls with an application fee should acknowledge this policy before applying.
  3. Use of Submissions for Promotional Purposes:
    • As outlined in the Terms of Service, Artrepreneur reserves the right to use submissions for promotional purposes related to Open Calls and other platform activities. This may include, but is not limited to, featuring selected submissions in press coverage, promotional materials, and on social media platforms. Artists submitting to Open Calls agree to this use, granting Artrepreneur a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to reproduce and distribute the works for promotional purposes.


IMPORTANT: All awards must be claimed within 30 days of being notified as winners. For example, in certain cases, winners will receive a notification asking for an address to send the award. If Artrepreneur does not receive the Address within 30 days of the notification, the award will no longer be available to the winner.

IX. Contact Information

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about this Policy, you may contact Artrepreneur via our Contact Page or by mail to Orangenius Inc., DBA Artrepreneur, 511 Ave of the Americas, Suite #934, New York, NY 10011.