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Applying to the Giclée Print Shop

Artrepreneur Members can apply to sell unsigned, open-edition, Giclée Prints through the Artrepreneur Print Shop. While artists may sell originals, limited Editions, and open edition works in the Sell Direct Store or their Showrooms (Pro Accounts Only), Artrepreneur acts only as a listing service and does not take any part in the transaction, printing, or shipping of the artwork.  The Giclée Print Shop, on the other hand, is handled by Artrepreneur. We review each work for approval, process payments, print, and ship each work. The Seller chooses up to three different sizes to sell for each work listed in the Shop. Artrepreneur will provide the printing cost for each size, and the Seller can choose the profit for each size sold.  More Importantly, Sellers also pay no commission on sales. We believe that artists should reap the full reward for their creative talent.

However, the Gicleée Print Shop is highly curated to ensure that buyers are satisfied with our Giclée prints and have the best user experience when looking to purchase their next unique piece. Therefore, each work will be reviewed by our curatorial team before being accepted. Note that our curators must also provide a balanced set of works across categories, styles, content, and artists, so a rejection may not reflect the quality of the artist’s work.

Application Process:

  1. Create your Artwork Page. Upload artwork to create your artwork page and add any relevant details about your work. The artwork can be used for various features on our Platform, such as creating portfolios, selling services, applying to open calls, as well as submitting works for sale. However, to apply to sell Giclée Prints, you will be required to upload a printable image as part of the submission.
  2. Applying to the Giclée Print Shop. At the bottom of the Artwork Detail Page, you will see an “Apply to Sell Giclée Prints” button.  Click the button to begin the application process.
  3. Upload a High-Resolution Printable Image. Artrepreneur can print Giclées in sizes ranging from 8 inches per side to a maximum of 100 million pixels (pixel height x pixel width). After uploading your work, Artrepreneur will show you the maximum size you can print based on the dimensions of the file you uploaded.  If the maximum size is smaller than you would like, upload a larger image file. Once you are done, click the “Submit for Approval” button.
  4. Wait for Approval. After your image is uploaded, it must be reviewed by our curators for print quality.  After a decision is made, you will receive an email notifying you of the decision. Alternatively, you can go to the Art Detail Page to see the current status or go to your artwork managements screen and use the dropdown menu to see your Giclée prints and their status.

If your artwork is not approved, the notification email would provide you with the reasons. You may then address the issues and resubmit the work by going to the Art Detail Page, clicking the “Update Sale Details” button (as shown below), and resubmitting your work.

4. Choose Sizes and Profit. Once your work has been approved, you will be notified by email, and the Status on your Art Detail page will change to “Approved.” You will also see the image and its status on your Dashboard.  You can also go to your Artwork Management screen and choose “Giclée Prints for sale on the dropdown menu to see all your prints and their current status.  On the Art Detail Page, click the “Update Print Sale Details” button to add sizes and pricing for your work. You can select up to three sizes for sale.  First, you must add an email address for your PayPal account to send the payments for any sales. Your payment will be sent approximately 30 days after the sale date.


Add your PayPal email for payments when adding price and profit details for your Giclée print.

Use the slider to select a size.  You will only be able to select smaller sizes than your Max Print Size, as discussed in Step 2 above. Once you have chosen print size, you can add the money you want to receive for sales of that size print (Profit). In the table, as seen in the image below, you will find the printing cost for that size on the various types of paper and the sale price, which includes your profit.  If you want to add another size, click the “Add print size” link.  Once you have completed adding all the sizes for your work, click “Save.”

Your work will now be available in the Giclée Print Shop. If a sale is made, you will receive the profit you chose for the print size ordered (minus a 2,9% credit card transaction fee), sent to your Paypal account, within 30 days from the order shipping date.


While Artrepreneur will be providing marketing support to drive buyers and collectors to the Artrepreneur Giclée Print Shop, we also suggest that you use your own marketing to supplement our efforts. Additionally, we also recommend filling out the artwork details such as a description, materials used, and relevant search terms so that your work can be found when searching on Artrepreneur, public search engines such as Google or Bing, as well as Google Shopping. Without detailed information about your work, search engines may not be able to add your work to the search results. If you need additional guidance on marketing your work, please download our eBook, How to Sell Art Like an Artrepreneur, or visit Art Business Journal for additional articles.

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