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Why Upgrade to Pro

For providing the platform to help connect our members with potential buyers, Pro members pay only $12/month or $108/year, to receive the following benefits:

More Promotion


Get a Showroom


List Your Services

Pro members are given priority when promoting our members in ads and on social media.    Sell your original works in your own Showroom without submitting work for approval. Be discovered by individuals and companies seeking talent for creative projects.

Orange Book


Priority Search

Post Jobs and Open Calls*

Application required. Distributed to more than 2000 commercial clients, galleries, institutions, and collectors.  Receive priority placement in search results. Get indexed by public search engines.

Post unlimited jobs. Create your own Open Call competitions. Easily manage applications


We think this is a fantastic deal, especially given the high commissions that other sites receive (40% or more) for merely allowing you to list your work and talent. With more than 50,000 works viewed every day by buyers, collectors, hiring managers, and art lovers from across the globe, being a Pro member is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.  With Artrepreneur, you’ll have an essential set of tools to build your creative career. Get a 14-day free Pro trial so you can test all these features out for yourself.

*(Organization accounts only.)

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