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Customizing URLs

Your overall profile, artwork, and portfolios can each have a custom-friendly URL.

Profile URL: When you join Artrepreneur, you’ll have the option of customizing your Profile URL. You can do so by going to your profile page and clicking the edit button in the upper right to edit the summary section. Then, you can add your customized URL, as shown below.

Artwork URL:  After adding your artwork, you will be redirected to your Artwork Detail Page’s edit screen (or by clicking on any of your artworks and then clicking “Edit.”) You can then add your customized URL in the field provided, as seen below.

Note that URLs cannot have spaces and certain special characters are not allowed. If your URL includes spaces or certain special characters, an error message will be displayed.  The issue must be corrected before you will be allowed to save it.  If the URL is already in use by another member, you will also see an error message. Change the URL to a unique one before saving.

Portfolio URL: Customizing portfolio URLs can be very useful when sending a portfolio to a prospective client or when applying for jobs. You can create a portfolio with a URL just for that client or hiring manager with a unique description explaining the series of works. When creating a portfolio, you will have the option of creating a custom URL. If you wish to change the URL after the portfolio has already been created, go to its “edit” screen.

Important Note: Please be advised that if you change any of the URLs after you have customized them, previous links and shares to those pages may no longer work.