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The Commercial Ready Program Guidelines (

Artrepreneur’s commercial division,, specializes in connecting artists with commercial clients across sectors like commercial real estate, retail, hospitality, financial services, media, and architectural design. Within this framework, the Commercial Ready Program emerges as a dedicated initiative, focusing on curating artworks tailored for commercial spaces. These artworks meet the highest quality standards and are specifically print-ready, ensuring they are suitable for the diverse and dynamic needs of commercial environments. Artwork submissions are made through our Open Call platform, which can be found here

The Purpose of the Commercial Ready Program. collaborates with a wide range of commercial clients, each with unique requirements and visions for their spaces. Every project is a tailored experience, where we align the client’s needs with artworks that fit seamlessly into their environment.

The Program helps streamline the process, ensuring that we have a curated collection of artworks that are ready for presentation and can be produced, shipped, and installed quickly to meet client deadlines efficiently. Artworks in our Commercial Ready Program must meet specific criteria:

  • Types of Artworks: Our focus is often on non-figurative works such as abstracts, landscapes, and contemporary pieces. These artworks have a universal appeal and effortlessly blend into commercial environments without overshadowing other design elements.
  • Quality and Size: It’s essential that artwork, whether original works or Prints produced by Aertrepreneur, are clear with fine details and an accurate representation of the work. This ensures that the [[purchased original or Limited Edition print or Artre[preneur produced prints looks impeccable both on-screen and on paper, meeting our client’s expectations and creating a positive visual experience for their clientele. 
  • Content Appropriateness: With commercial spaces frequented by a diverse audience, artworks must be universally appropriate. They should appeal to and be suitable for a wide range of individuals regardless of their diverse styles and aesthetics. 

Benefits for Artists

The Commercial Ready Program offers artists a unique opportunity to expand their reach and potential for success. With’s expertise in the commercial sector, artists can trust that their creations are presented in a professional manner that puts the artists and their work in the best possible light. By joining the program, artists gain significant benefits, including:

  • Broadened Reach and Increased Sales Potential: Through’s active promotion, artworks gain access to a wide range of commercial clients, from bustling retail spaces to lively hospitality environments, leading to more opportunities for purchase and display.
  • Hassle-Free Experience: Artists can relax and concentrate on creating, as takes care of everything from marketing to installation. The artist’s role is simplified: create, collaborate with, and receive the rewards.
  • Professional Development: Artists receive feedback and insights from’s experienced curatorial team, aiding in their growth and understanding of the commercial art market. This collaboration benefits not only their current submissions but also future creations.

Joining the Program

The Commercial Ready Program utilizes a dynamic Open Calls system specifically tailored to make it easy for artists to submit work for review. Artists are encouraged to participate in these Open Calls, which are regularly updated to focus on areas where we see a need for more variety, allowing to diversify its offerings and better cater to the evolving preferences of our clients. To stay updated on the current Commercial Ready Open Calls, as well as to view past ones, visit here.

To maximize the chances of your artwork being selected for the Commercial Ready Program, it’s essential to adhere to the following specific requirements when submitting artwork:

  • Artwork Type: The program primarily focuses on non-figurative artworks. This includes categories such as abstracts, contemporary pieces, landscapes, and still life. These genres are preferred as they seamlessly integrate into commercial spaces, offering a visual appeal without being overpowering.
  • Color and Mood: Artworks should exhibit vibrant and diverse color palettes that evoke a sense of serenity. The use of color can set the mood of a space, and serene colors often create a calming and welcoming environment.
  • Non-Divisive Content: The artwork must not contain any content that might be considered divisive or controversial. Given the diverse range of individuals in commercial settings, artworks should be universally appealing and not provoke strong negative reactions.
  • File Quality, Resolution, and Size: Printworks produced by Artrepreneur should be print-ready with a minimum width of 18 inches on its shorter side, which translates to 5400px at 300 DPI. This ensures that the artwork can be printed in large sizes without any loss of quality.
  • Colorspace: Adobe RGB 1998 is the recommended colorspace for submitted artwork. This colorspace provides a broader range of colors, ensuring the printed artwork closely matches the artist’s original vision.

Pitfalls to Avoid:

  • Limitations of Phone Cameras: Phone cameras often don’t capture the depth and detail required for professional artwork reproduction. A professional camera is recommended.
  • Poor Lighting: Proper lighting ensures an accurate representation of your artwork, avoiding unwanted shadows or overexposure.
  • Upscaling Low-Res Images: Upscaling can compromise the quality of your artwork, leading to pixelation and loss of detail.
  • Over-Editing: Excessive editing can alter the original essence of your artwork, making it appear unnatural.
  • Blurriness: Ensure your files are sharp and clear to represent your artwork accurately.

Post-Acceptance Process

Upon an artist’s successful inclusion in the Commercial Ready Program, a series of exciting opportunities and processes unfold:

Recognition with a Badge: Each artwork marked as Commercial Ready is adorned with a special badge on the artist’s Artrepreneur profile. This badge is a testament to the artwork’s quality and suitability for commercial spaces, setting it apart on the platform.

Availability for Presentation: Once an artwork is part of the program, it becomes accessible to the team for potential presentation to clients. While every artwork is a part of our curated collection, its selection for presentation to a specific client depends on the client’s unique needs and preferences.

Client Selection and Price Negotiations: If an artwork aligns with a client’s criteria and is chosen for further consideration, the artist will be contacted by the team to discuss pricing. This step ensures that each artwork is compensated appropriately for unique value while allowing to adhere to the specific project’s budget.

Comprehensive Service by From the moment an artwork is finalized with a client, manages every detail. This encompasses high-quality printing, shipping, meticulous installation, and handling payments, ensuring a seamless experience for the artist. 

Promotion and Visibility: Beyond placement, artworks in the program gain added visibility. If a work is chosen for a project, the work will be added to the project’s page of the website, and in collaboration with the client and our media services department, we will make every effort to actively promote the project artwork through various marketing channels, including social media.

This structured approach ensures artists can concentrate on their creative pursuits, while efficiently manages the intricacies of the commercial art landscape. 

Artists who are curious about the types of artworks that thrive in commercial spaces should explore The platform displays artworks that have been successfully integrated into commercial environments, offering artists a tangible reference point. 

Updated: October 17, 2023