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Using Watermarks

While we understand that it is important to protect your artwork, intrusive watermarks also severely detract from the appearance of the work, while offering only moderate protection. Although some artists feel strongly about the use of watermarks, Artrepreneur must also consider the negative impact that an abundance of intrusive watermarks would have on the viewing experience of our visitors and the effect that may have on generating opportunities for our members. Therefore, please refrain from using intrusive watermarks that obscure your work. As stated in our Image Upload Guidelines:

Images should be free from intrusive watermarks, text, or other elements, such as dates or descriptions, that are not part of the work.


Acceptable Watermark


Unacceptable Watermark

We suggest protecting your work by registering it with the US Copyright Office. Registration allows for both a minimum statutory award of $750 up to $30,000 per infringement and legal fees paid by the infringer, among other benefits. For more details on the registration process and its benefit in protecting your work, please download our eBook, “The Law of Creativity: Copyright for Visual Artists.

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