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Getting the Most from Your Showroom

Pro Members can have their own store with minimal Artrepreneur branding. To get the most out of your Showroom, there are a few tasks you might want to consider completing before activating it.

  1. Update your Resume:  Buyers and Collectors aren’t just purchasing your work, they are also making an investment in you as an artist.  The more they know about you, your career path, goals, or creative philosophy, the more the buyer can connect with you and the more likely they will be to make a purchase.  Use the resume area to add your artist statement and career highlights.
  2. Add Artwork Details: A good title and description of your artwork can go a long way toward making sales. Think about a typical scenario:  Someone walks into your house and sees artwork on the wall and comments, “that’s a great piece.”  Wouldn’t you like to be able to say something more than, “yes, isn’t it great?”  The story of your work can help the buyer understand and connect with the work in a way that is more meaningful than the work on its own.
  3. Showroom Description: What is your store about? What message do you want to tell potential customers that can make all the work in your Showroom seem cohesive and well thought out? You’ll have a chance to add a description before you activate your Showroom.
  4. Pricing: One of the hardest things for any artist is accurately pricing their work. You want the price to reflect the value of your piece but also be at a level that generates a sale.  Accurate pricing is critical for a successful Showroom.
  5. Open or Upgrade to a PayPal Business account: In order to accept PayPal, you will need to get a PayPal Client ID.  See instructions on getting your ID here.

If you have trouble with any of these items, consider downloading our eBook on Selling Art like an Artrepreneur. It has a lot of information that you may find useful before Activating your Showroom.

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Then check out Activating Your Showroom: Step-by-Step to open your Showroom.

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