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Hiding Prices

When adding Originals or Limited Editions to the Sell Direct Store, you must choose a price for your artwork.  This enables your work to be listed in the search results when the buyers have filtered their search based on a price range.  However, we understand that in some cases, the artist or gallery representing a work may want the flexibility to negotiate their price. So, when adding work to the Marketplace, you can choose whether to hide or reveal the price. (Reveal Price, as shown below, will be selected by default.)

If you choose to hide the price, simply uncheck the Reveal price checkbox. When a price is hidden, the potential buyer will see “Contact for Price”  rather than the actual price.

This feature is only available when selling your Originals or Limited Editions.  If you are selling Gicleé prints through our Artrepreneur Gicleé Print Service, you cannot hide prices.  

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