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Giclée or Standard Inkjet?

Giclée printing is the gold standard when it comes to producing museum-level quality prints. Giclée (pronounced gee-klay) refers to prints created with advanced inkjet printers that use 12-color pigment-based inks printed on archival paper. In comparison, many traditional professional print processes, such as lithography, use the 4-color process known as CMYK. This offers accuracy, higher resolution, more vivid color, and better resistance to fading and aging.

How are Giclée Printers Different than Inkjet Photo Printers?

While Giclée Printers and standard inkjet printers use the same basic technology, Giclée printers spray much finer microscopic ink droplets than even the top inkjet printers. As a result, along with the 12-color ink set, Giclée prints create smoother gradient transitions and a wider color gamut allowing for a more vibrant print than traditional inkjet printers.