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Getting Paid through PayPal

Artrepreneur pays artists for sales of Giclée prints via Paypal. You must add an email address for your PayPal account so that Artrepreneur can send you the payments. You can add your Paypal e-mail on the Settings page or on the Giclee prints detail screen, as shown below.


Add your PayPal email for payments when adding price and profit details for your Giclée print.


Your payment will be sent approximately 30 days after the sale date.  Please note that because artrepreneur handles all payments for prints, we only need your PayPal email in order to deposit money into your account. If you are selling original works in our Buy Direct Store, you are taking payments directly from the buyer, which requires a PayPal ID from a PayPal Business account.  For more information, see “Setting Up Paypal to Sell Orignal Artwork.”


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