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Editing Portfolios

After completing a portfolio, you can edit the details and add or remove images.

Editing Details. Go to your Manage Portfolios Page and click the edit button in the upper right corner.  Change any of the information and then hit “save.”



Removing images. Each image has a ‘more” icon (represented by 3 vertical dots).  Just click the icon and select “remove.”

Adding Images. You can add up to 15 images to a portfolio for an individual account and up to 100 images to an organization account. To add an image, go to your Manage -> Artwork page and select the image or images you want to add to the portfolio.  then click the “Add to Portfolio” button.

In the popup, select the portfolio you want to add the image into and then hit “next.”

Note that for each portfolio selected, you will be shown how many image slots are available in the portfolio.  If you have no remaining slots, then go back and remove an image from the portfolio first, or create a new portfolio. A portfolio must have at least 2 images.

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