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Applying to an Open Call

Applying to an Open Call is an easy process.  You can see current Open Calls by clicking here or through the link on your dashboard or in the main menu.  Although you are not required to do anything prior to applying, we do suggest preparing any images you wish to upload, along with descriptions of the works and, if applicable, a portfolio statement for the group of works you are submitting. You should also consider building your online Resumé/CV or at a minimum, your Artist Statement, prior to starting the application process to provide additional context for our jurors, if necessary.  Your Resumé/CV will also help viewers better connect with you and your work so they are more likely to follow you on our platform.

To apply for an Open Call, start by clicking the Apply button at the top of any Open Call.  The Open Call Application Wizard will take you through the following steps:

  1. If you are not currently a member of Artrepreneur, you will be directed to join. ARTREPRENEUR IS FREE TO JOIN
  2. Upload new work or select from previously uploaded work.
  3. Provide relevant details from the following:
    • Artist statement
    • Portfolio statement (only for multiple artwork submissions)
    • Artwork titles (required)
    • Categories & subcategories (required)
    • Description for each work
    • Instagram handle
  4. Submit your application.
After Submission.
  • Your applications will be available on your ‘my applications‘ page, which can be found on your Dashboard.
  • Uploaded artwork will be available on your “manage/sell artwork” page. We suggest reviewing each uploaded work and adding additional details, such as location or materials and tools used to create the work.
  • If you have submitted more than one work, a portfolio of your submitted work will be available on your “manage portfolios” page. (This portfolio will be hidden from public view by default).
  • To make any changes to your submission, see “Editing an Open Call Submission” below.

For additional details on the application process, copyright protection, or legal requirements, see the Open Call Rules above.

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