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Shipping Costs

Due to the variations of size, weight, and packing materials used for each artwork in the Marketplace, we cannot accurately determine a shipping cost for a particular buyer at the time of purchase. Therefore, when adding your work to the Marketplace, you will also be asked to calculate a general shipping cost that will be added to the price of the work.

We understand that calculating shipping without knowing the destination can be challenging but the following approach may be helpful for shipping domestically.

  1. Pack a similarly sized work to determine the overall dimensions and weight when shipped.
  2. Choose a preferred carrier, i.e. USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, etc.
  3. Choose the method, i.e. Air, ground, overnight, etc.
  4. Choose a location that is the furthest from you in your country of origin and then use a shipping calculator from your carrier to determine the likely highest shipping costs. You can then either use that price or take an average from the closest to the furthest location.  You can also adjust the price of your work to accommodate any potential variation in the actual shipping costs.

For international shipping, especially where customs fees may be required, we suggest contacting your buyer directly and using Paypal to create an additional transaction to cover any additional costs. You can add your shipping policies, including whether you will ship internationally, and if so, the process for contacting you about the cost, in the Shipping Notes section on the Sell Direct Submission Form.

Below, we have provided links to the shipping calculators for the major shipping carriers in the United States.

DHL Worldwide Express


Federal Express


United Parcel Services (UPS)


United States Postal Service – (Express Mail Only)