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Abstract Photography or photo-related process that explores non-representational forms and ideas.
Adventure Photography-themed on extreme activities of exploration and action. Does not include casual activities, such as light hiking.
Aerial Photography shot from an aerial perspective. Does not include shots of Aerial Objects taken from the ground.
Animal Photography exclusively related to images of animals
Architecture Photography that is exclusively related to architectural forms.
Black and White Photography shot exclusively in Black and white.
Cityscape Photography where the subject matter is exclusively centered on expansive views of cities or city life.
Commercial Client-based photography used in an exclusively commercial context (Advertising, Marketing, Corporate, etc.)
Contemporary Photography that explores contemporary academic themes and concerns of both process and concept.
Event Photography documenting specific events, such as live performances, concerts, parties, etc.
Fashion Commercial photography whose subject is exclusively fashion, including staged shoots, advertising, and documenting public and runway events specific to the fashion industry.
Fine Art Photography whose primary market is the fine art gallery market. (Does not include photography where the initial purpose was not to sell the work through the gallery market, such as commercial photography).
Landscape Photography exclusively focused on capturing nature and the outdoors in a way that brings your viewer into the scene. Generally expansive views and vistas.
Macro Photography that exclusively depicts subjects through the use of a Macro lens.
Nature Photography exclusively focused on documenting various aspects of nature, and where location is of primary concern. Often a more limited in view than landscapes.
Photojournalism Documenting of contemporary events or everyday scenes of people in public spaces.
Portrait Photos of an individual, or several individuals, where the focus is on the face and expression.
Sports Photography exclusively focused on documenting sporting events and peripheral content.
Travel Photography that documents travel and tourism.
Wedding Photography exclusively focused on documenting weddings.
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