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Navigating the PR Landscape: Insights from Janet Bartucci

Artrepreneur Podcast
Artrepreneur Podcast
Navigating the PR Landscape: Insights from Janet Bartucci

Join Grace Cho, CEO of Artrepreneur, in a conversation with brand storyteller and communications specialist, Janet Bartucci. With decades of experience working with major consumer brands across various sectors—from healthcare and pharmaceuticals to beauty and lifestyle—Janet delves into the intricacies of PR strategies, crisis management, and brand messaging. Known for her innovative approach to communications, she discusses her tenure at leading beauty and cosmetics company, The Estée Lauder Companies, where she managed global communications for over 25 brands and developed a groundbreaking industry website on cosmetic safety. The interview also highlights her role in iconic campaigns such as “Pork: The Other White Meat,” which redefined public perception of the product.

Janet’s expertise extends to issues and crisis management, reputation management, and social media strategy, among other areas. Her work has addressed challenges as diverse as FDA recalls, CEO transitions, and cyber breaches. Currently, an independent contractor based in NYC, Janet continues to consult with clients, emphasizing the need for fresh thinking and adaptability in today’s dynamic PR landscape. This interview is a must-read for anyone interested in the evolving world of public relations and brand communications.

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Grace Cho

Grace Cho is the Founder and CEO of Artrepreneur by Orangenius. She has an artist heart and business mind. With over 25 years of experience in the financial services, media, entertainment, and private equity industries, she has transformed global business units at GE Capital, NBCU, and Nielsen.

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