Room Upgrade: The Art of the Entryway

Oversized Artwork
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You know what they say about first impressions. When it comes to your home, the entryway sets the tone for the rest of your decor. It’s the first glimpse your guests have of your place when entering your front door, and the first sight that welcomes you home after a long day. What do you want it to say? 
If your entryway is just the place where you stash the detritus of the day, like keys, shoes, and junk mail, it’s time for an upgrade. While there’s a place for practical storage solutions, don’t neglect the style factor in your foyer. By selecting the right artwork to compliment your entryway space, you can create an experience that beckons you and your visitors to come right in and stay a spell.

Make an entrance with oversized artwork

The entryway is the perfect place for big, bold statements. Invest in oversized artwork that expresses your personality and points to your color palette. You don’t need to have a dedicated entryway to try this design trick: Statement artwork works especially well in a small space. Deck out that sliver of a wall or the space under the stairs!
Oversized Artwork, Room Upgrade: The Art of the Entryway
Multi-layered artworks, like this mixed-media painting by Tegan Milan, add texture reminiscent of frescoes.
 Short on funds? A large-scale print of a photograph can save you cash while making a major impact. Aerial photography has the feel of an abstract artwork while simultaneously broadcasting your love of travel. In a traditional foyer, a contemporary photograph or print tones down the formality and adds some fun, and it blends in seamlessly with modern decor styles. 
Oversized Artwork, Room Upgrade: The Art of the Entryway
Photographer Graham Earnshaw captures the stunning clash of colors in Kimberley, Australia.

Go graphic with a gallery wall

A gallery wall helps define your entryway, giving it a distinct personality from the rest of your space — an especially important move if you’re looking to section off a foyer when you don’t really have one. So even if your front door opens directly into your kitchen or living room, a curated collection of small prints or photographs will make it feel like a jewel-box moment. Consider a similar theme, palette or aesthetic to pull the collection together. 
Oversized Artwork, Room Upgrade: The Art of the Entryway
Go for black-and-white by hanging this photograph by Kie S. in your vestibule.
Oversized Artwork, Room Upgrade: The Art of the Entryway
Geometric shapes, like this print by Rick Ruark, make for visual interest reminiscent of wallpaper, which works especially well if you’re in a rental.
Custom with a mural 
Have a little bit more space to play with? Punch it up with a mural. Not just for accent walls or bedrooms, a custom creation that perfectly communicates your style can make a big statement in your entryway. View Artrepreneur’s services board or schedule a consultation with an art advisor for artists you can commission. 
Is your entryway a place you pass through without lingering? Along with rugs, lighting, and storage solutions like benches and shelving, artwork in the entryway is an expression of your personality. Whether you live in a traditional home with a foyer or in an open-concept plan, a small urban apartment or a house in the suburbs, consider what your entryway says about you!
What’s your favorite entryway design tip? How do you make a “wow” moment as soon as you walk in the door? Sound off in the comments below. 

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