The 11 Best Podcasts for Artists

podcasts for artists, The 11 Best Podcasts for Artists
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In the last several years, podcasts have driven a renaissance and renewed interest in radio-style talk shows: From podcasts on money and wealth to art podcasts discussing a theory or offering practical advice, there is no shortage of podcasts that would benefit the workflow of the average artist.  If you’re bent on driving more innovation and strategy to your practice, but your visual mind needs a break, consider adding a roster of podcasts for artists to your daily task list instead. Eventually, you might even feel compelled to start one of your own.

If you’re an artist who works best while listening to something informative in the studio, then look no further. These podcasts for artists are the perfect soundtrack to keep you inspired and motivated by your career and financial goals. From creative problem solving to personal finance, this roundup of the top 11 podcasts for artists will help you with the business of art, the gallery world or even just getting through the day.

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Podcasts like Planet Money and YNAB will teach you how to manage your budget.

Money Podcasts for Artists

1. Planet Money by National Public Radio

It may not exactly fall squarely into the podcasts for artists category, but the NPR production Planet Money looks into the more interesting side of finance, from the national debt crisis to new businesses to take note of. It’s always inspiring and their DIY finance episodes are really resourceful, although their take on the art world is fun, too. If you’re looking for a nuanced take on why one of the art world’s most successful artists demands so much for his celebrated artwork, listen to their Damien Hirst podcast, Why a dead shark costs $12 million.

2. YNAB – You Need A Budget

Art podcasts aren’t exactly known for doling out too many financial tips. Instead of trying to DIY your budget, why not get some advice from the experts instead? The You Need a Budget podcast is based on the company’s namesake budgeting app, but the show offers more than just how-to’s: It digs into the right strategies to balance your budget by laser-focusing on proven strategies. From interviews with experts to budgeting rules and penny-pinching, it digs into the nitty-gritty of saving and how to keep track of your spending. Best of all, the YNAB podcast is not limited to iTunes; you can also listen on SoundCloud. If you’re looking to make swift changes in your finances this year, this might be the podcast for you.

3. Love People + Make Money

Artists typically carry the burden of being a one-person operation and could greatly benefit from podcasts for artists that outline the trials and tribulations inherent to managing a solo business or freelance career. Love People + Make Money, is hosted by broadcaster Kelly McCausey, who absolutely crushes the life of the “solopreneur.” McCausey, who used to run a podcast called Solo Smarts, has rebranded and turned that into Love People + Make Money. While it does focus more on Internet-based businesses, she offers a lot of tips and interviews that are applicable to artists, too – especially those who are looking to ramp up their online art sales strategy. Love People + Make Money is especially useful when it comes to sourcing tips on setting up your own business, controlling your spending habits, and setting financial goals.

4. The Rich Dad Radio Show

Based on the famed financial education book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, this podcast is hosted by the author, Robert Kiyosaki. It’s a full hour-long podcast that digs into everything from cryptocurrency to the new tax plan and personal finance. With experts brought onto the show, Kiyosaki’s talent for making complex financial jargon simple is what makes this weekly podcast interesting and often entertaining. The Rich Dad Radio Show is always informative and keeps with timely current events.

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Issues like handling public relations tasks or crowdsourcing are addressed by podcasts like Entrepreneurs on Fire.

Art Podcasts for Reaching Your Next Career Goal

5. The Artist Next Level

Not all podcasts for artists are designed to discuss art itself – rather, many offer resources for artists who want to achieve that next step in their careers. The Artist Next Level podcast is just that; devoted to helping artists set goals, The Artist Next Level outlines a path to achieving them while reaching a wider audience. As the title suggests, it’s about taking your career to the next level. Hosted on a website that offers articles on self-promotion, self-proclaimed commandments of the art career, like always following up on networking, as well as improving one’s website, the podcast really focuses on public relations and marketing for artists but also digs into career direction and communicating your purpose into your artwork. The Artist Next Level is all-around inspirational but keeps it light and entertaining with its conversational style.                                                                                          

6. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

This weekly podcast run by Stanford University’s speaker series spotlights issues like the ethics of innovation, pushing through difficulties as an entrepreneur, and using crowdsourcing to your advantage. Even if you’re a mid-career artist, you can learn from the podcasts’ entrepreneurial life hacks or from the bootstrapping with flair episode, where Susan Feldman, a New York-based e-commerce industry trailblazer, digs into how she went from bootstrapping her home decor business, One Kings Lane, during the 2008 recession. This is certainly one of the key podcasts where artists can learn how to put their entrepreneurial skills to work.

7. The Art A&A Podcast

Few podcasts for artists drill down into the details of the day-to-day hustle like The Art A&A Podcast. Hosted by Toronto business coach Lezley Davidson, who calls her podcast the place “where creatives learn to business,” the series covers everything from organizational tools to marketing your art better. There is an entire episode devoted to the Press kit checklist, which helps artists navigate the murky task of pitching your work to art critics and journalists;  another espouses the formula for signing up for an art show convention.

8. Entrepreneurs on Fire

The title might sound cheesy, but this podcast led by John Lee Dumas dishes on the success stories of people who have turned their passions into their own businesses. The website that hosts his podcast is also a resource hub for tips, tools, and webinars to help monetize your dream, whether that’s being able to successfully sell your work or starting a new arts venture. Dumas has interviewed over 1,800 experts for his daily podcast and offers a wealth of information that can be applied to the arts. It’s worth checking out.

Art Podcasts on the Market at Large

9. Art Marketing Action

If you’re searching for podcasts for artists that get to the heart of what success in the industry looks like, then look no further than Art Marketing Action. This podcast is hosted by career consultant Alyson B. Stanfield, who runs the website, and features motivation, inspiring segments, and practical tips to keep you going in the art market today. She calls it the audio version of her ‘Art Marketing Action’ newsletter, which covers everything from blogging tips to art marketing strategy or practical resources for photographing your work or redefining your mailing list.

10. Art Tactic

From the organization that brings you the annual Art & Finance Report, this weekly podcast highlights shifts and changes in the sometimes fickle art market. You can always count on an impressive roster of guests on this podcast; recently, the Art Newspaper editor was interviewed about her new book, and the podcast frequently features experts on art insurance and recaps of all the world’s top art events. Art world insiders, like collectors, curators, and reporters from artNEWS.

11. Artists Helping Artists

As far as podcasts for artists go, Artists Helping Artists is one of the most intent on creating a thriving online community. This podcast, which offers tips on selling your art online with Leslie Saeta, sheds light on decoding social media for financial success. From marketing on Instagram to “faking it till you make it,” the focus is on selling your work – be it prints, paintings or sculptures while still making time to obviously, make art.

Have you thought of creating a podcast? Learn more about the ins and outs of launching and check out How to Start Podcasts for Artists and Creatives.

What are your favorite podcasts for artists? What makes a good one? Let us know in the comments!


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