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Creativity is in the Bag for Sarah Katherine Bleibtreu

Sarah Bleibtreu
Artrepreneur Podcast
Artrepreneur Podcast
Creativity is in the Bag for Sarah Katherine Bleibtreu

Successful founder of Blibetroy, a handbag and accessory business artist, designer, builder and maker Sarah Katherine Bleibtreu never believed that you have to do or be just one thing in life. For her, creativity is fluid and ideas are whispers in the air that need to be captured and cultivated. Working across the disciplines of architecture, fashion, accessory design, and the plastic fine arts, Sarah’s title is also fluid. Whether she’s creating Blibetroy, a handbag business, designing homes, objects or lighting, what stays the same is her vision to create a specific sensory experience and bring it to life so others can enjoy it.
In this podcast, Sarah talks to Brian Young about balancing the creative process and bringing an idea or product to market. She explains how making your version of what you want to exist in the world requires both discipline and openness to keep refining it. And, while everything has to have a monetary value, that doesn’t mean you always need the intention of selling it before it has time to mature.


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Brian Young

Brian is a Recruitment Manager for Creative Circle, the largest creative staffing agency in the U.S. where he implements talent acquisition and placement strategies to engage with and place top creative talent.

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