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Living a Life You Love with Jim Furlong of Hudson Guild

Jim Furlong
Artrepreneur Podcast
Artrepreneur Podcast
Living a Life You Love with Jim Furlong of Hudson Guild

Grace Cho, CEO of Artrepreneur, talks with Jim Furlong, Director of Arts for the Hudson Guild, on pursuing a career in the arts, the challenges that follow, and being a well-rounded individual in order to hyper-focus on the things you love. Jim explains that art is the path toward achieving a fulfilled life and offers great advice on managing boredom, seeking joy, and having a sense of humor.

Jim Furlong has served as Director of Arts for the Hudson Guild since 1994. As director of the Guild’s resident theatre company, he has staged over 60 productions, including his original adaptations of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, The Arabian Nights, Hamlet, Don Quixote, The Ring of the Nibelung, The Hip-Hop Misanthrope, Frankenstein, Duke Ellington’s Shakespeare Suite, La Pazza Vita (A Circus and Dance Show inspired by the films of Federico Fellini), J Ceez (aka Julius Caesar) and Around the World in 80 Days. As curator of the Guild’s two gallery spaces, he has mounted over 200 exhibits of visual artwork in all media. He also produces the Guild’s Performing ArtWorks! series – an annual concert series of performances and workshops for Guild participants by professional dance, theatre, circus, and music groups.

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Grace Cho

Grace Cho is the Founder and CEO of Artrepreneur by Orangenius. She has an artist heart and business mind. With over 25 years of experience in the financial services, media, entertainment, and private equity industries, she has transformed global business units at GE Capital, NBCU, and Nielsen.

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