Welcome Home (2022) and 3 other murals by Cedric Michael Cox, White Oak Townhomes, Ohio

Artist Statement

The 4 new murals I created for this Avondale neighborhood are monuments to the healing spirit of joy and community pride. The geometric interplay of roof tops and rectangular patterns reflect the architectural diversity of Avondale and Cincinnati as a whole. Cincinnati has a rich history rooted in the abolitionist movement with the underground railroad. I celebrate that history with some of the murals having a north star pattern which symbolizes hope reminding us of how far we have come. The multifaceted interplay of color offers a stained-glass quality that reflects the many spiritual institutions of Avondale and the idea of the home as a sacred place. When children go to school and adults leave to go to work, I want them to return home to my murals welcoming them back with vivid inspirational color that uplifts the spirit.

Meet The Artist: Cedric Michael Cox

Cedric Michael Cox is best known for his paintings and drawings that merge surrealism and representational abstraction. His paintings catapult color into rhythmic action with abstract and recognizable images that create compositions inspired by themes in music and the natural world. His work remains true to sharing Cox’s innermost self as his passion radiates from the canvas. Working under several influences which include architecture and art history, Cox’s work ranges from the geometric, to the curvilinear, to floral-like forms, all dancing within surrealistic shapes. In addition to his work being in corporate collections, Cox has executed several large-scale public murals, as well as murals in various public and private schools in The Cincinnati Region.
Trish Andersen Portrait
Photo: Deogracias Lerma

The Murals

Documentary Film

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