About Us

Orangenius is a team of twenty-two successful innovators who span the globe, cover multiple creative sectors, and contribute expertise from a variety of professional careers. Our team members have achieved great success in organizations such as GE Capital, NBC Universal, Nielsen, Morgan Stanley, Fox Entertainment, The US Copyright Office, and other top media, technology, advertising, entertainment, financial services, and startup organizations.

The Orangenius team is not just a group of leaders in the areas of marketing, product management, business development, finance, operations, technology, and law. We are also dedicated to the arts. We love to paint, draw, design, sing, write, act, play instruments, make furniture, and photograph the world around us. We are creatives, like you, and we are working diligently to bring you the best platform for creatives, contributors, and the creative industry.

We believe all members of the creative economy should be recognized for every contribution. All artists, creatives, and contributors should have the power to choose their path and thrive in their careers. Those who make peoples daily lives more thoughtful, beautiful, and unique should be connected and have their own platform to share stories.

At Orangenius, we aim to unite everyone who is working in the creative economy individual geniuses, professionals of an organization, students of the arts, sponsors, and patrons. We want to empower with insights, technology, and tools. If you are a member of the creative economy, we welcome you into our community. Help us change the conversation about art and enable creative lives.

We are a Certified B Corporation® to support a global economy that benefits all. As a purpose-driven business, we have an ongoing mission to help artists succeed and elevate everyone's life with art.


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