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How is Artrepreneur Different From Other Sites

As a Certified B Corporation®, Artrepreneur has an ongoing mission to help artists succeed and elevate everyone’s life with art. We want to bring all the features visual artists, buyers, collectors, art lovers, hiring managers, and arts organizations need to manage and control their artrepreneurial business and creative lives. Artrepreneur provides a feature-rich, no-commission platform, free for all members to support our mission. 

Artists, designers, and makers can do more on Artrepreneur than any other art site:

  • Sell original, limited-edition, and museum-quality giclée prints in the Artrepreneur Store with NO COMMISSION (approval required).
  • Create detailed visual resumés / CVs that connect their artworks to career milestones.
  • Find creative jobs through our Job Board.
  • Apply to Open Call competitions for cash, promotion, and other prizes.
  • Build unlimited, customized portfolios to send to prospective buyers, collectors, and clients.
  • Learn about art law and business topics in our Art Business Journal.

Pro members can receive additional features:

  • A personal Showroom to sell their original and limited edition works. (No approval required). 
  • Priority placement in Artrepreneur browse and search. 
  • Exclusive promotional, learning, and professional development opportunities on Artrepreneur and popular social media platforms. 
  • Indexing on public search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) 
  • Listing Creative Services in our Freelance Services Marketplace.

Art buyers and collectors can purchase works from Artrepreneur’s “small batch” stores of curator-approved works. 

  • Buy museum-quality giclée prints from the Artrepreneur Print Store (produced and shipped by Artrepreneur).
  • Buy original and limited edition works from the Artrepreneur Original Store (produced and shipped by the artists).
  • Discover additional original and limited edition works for sale in our artist Showrooms.
  • Find themed collections, buying tips, curator selections, and other helpful content.

Arts Organizations can:

  • Post jobs to fill full-time and part-time positions.
  • Post Open Call competitions

Art & design lovers can:

  • Discover works in over 75 categories and styles from more than 100,000 artists, designers, and makers across the globe.
  • Hire art & design talent for their next creative project.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel, showcasing artful careers and notable visual art and design works. 
  • Follow our social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Become part of a global art community to show support of the great artists worldwide!

We are also heavily focused on promoting our members through various media channels and paid promotions. Join our creative community and see for yourself what makes Artrepreneur different.

Adding Artwork & Designs

Artrepreneur helps visual artists promote themselves and their work. So a good first step is to upload the work that can best show off your creative talent. Before uploading any artwork to Artrepreneur, we suggest reviewing the Image Upload Guidelines to ensure that your artwork meets the recommended requirements. To upload your work, click the upload artwork icon at the top of any page, as shown below.

When uploading your work, you will be asked to choose a category and subcategory for that work or group of works. Please see our Category Definitions before uploading.

IMPORTANT: Miscategorized works may be removed at our discretion

After uploading, you will be redirected to the Artwork’s Detail Page, where you will be able to add additional information about your work, which will give your work context and help your audience connect with it. (To see how to add multiple images of the same work, click here.

The information you provide is also an important step in being discovered by our visitors searching for creative work on Artrepreneur. Additionally, Pro Members’ works will be added to public search engines, such as Google. Detailed, accurate descriptions are essential in order for your work to be displayed in public search engine results.

For additional information, see Adding Details to Your Work

Note to Videographers: Artrepreneur is primarily a platform for still images and animated GIFs, but not video.  However, Members can add a video to their artwork detail pages but must first upload a still image, or animated GIF of their work first. Then you can edit the artwork to attach the video sample. Note that we may not have a category or subcategory to fit your video genre.

Add Details to Your Uploads

To add information about a work, go to your Dashboard and click the Manage All Artwork button in the Manage Your Art section. You will be taken to your Manage Art page where you can click on any artwork to see its Art Detail Page.  Click the “edit” button to edit the details.

You can add the following information:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Category / Subcategory
  • Material and Tools Used
  • Keywords
  • Copyright information
  • Location
  • Creation Date

The more details you can provide for each work, the more likely your work will be discovered by our members and on public search engines, like Google.

You can also customize the URL for each work (See Customizing Your URLs below).  If you want to submit your work to either the Print or Originals store, you can do it from the artwork detail page.  Pro Members can also add the work to their personal Showroom without approval.

IMPORTANT: Each upload is considered a unique work. If you want to show multiple views of the same work, such as how it looks framed or how your original photo was used in an advertisement, those images should be added as additional images to the artwork detail page, not as unique works.

Build Your Resumé or CV

Your resume page is where you can add your career highlights to let the audience know who you are and what makes you special. It’s not easy to write about yourself or your work as an artist. Yet, we all know people like stories. The more interesting the story, the more time people will spend reading, listening to, or watching them. It’s no different when viewing your resume. The story will get them intrigued and wanting to know more. To add resume details, go to the My Profile Page

Add Summary Information

Start with the summary section at the top of the page, paying particular attention to your personal statement. Make it interesting and memorable. You can also add links to social media sites or your own website and list important creative skills. 

Add Creative Highlights

Here’s where you can go deeper. Add the most important aspects of your creative career, including work experience, education, special projects, exhibitions, press, awards, and more along with descriptions of each.  Then organize the page by ordering sections and items. You can even link the items to portfolios so that people can see what you did, not just read about it. Add as many career milestones as you want or just add the important ones and attach a PDF of your full resume. Then, share it with prospective clients or use it to apply for jobs from our job board or other job sites across the web.   

To add career highlights, use the pulldown menu to choose the section you would like to add.  


You can reorder the Highlight sections as well as the items within them by dragging them by clicking and holding your mouse on the right side of the section and dragging it up or down.  

Customizing URLs

Your overall profile, artwork, and portfolios can each have a custom-friendly URL.

Profile URL: When you join Artrepreneur, you’ll have the option of customizing your Profile URL. You can do so by going to your profile page and clicking the pencil icon in the upper right to edit the summary section. Then you can add your customized URL as shown below.

Artwork URL:  After adding your artwork, you will be redirected to your Artwork Detail Page’s edit screen, (or by clicking on any of your artworks and then clicking “Edit.”) You can then add your customized URL in the field provided, as seen below.

Note that URLs cannot have spaces and certain special characters are not allowed. If your URL includes spaces or certain special characters, an error message will be displayed.  The issue must be corrected before you will be allowed to save it.  If the URL is already in use by another member, you will also see an error message. Change the URL to a unique one before saving.

Portfolio URL: Customizing portfolio URLs can be very useful when sending a portfolio to a prospective client or when applying for jobs. You can create a portfolio with a URL just for that client or hiring manager with a unique description explaining the series of works. When creating a portfolio, you will have the option of creating a custom URL. If you wish to change the URL after the portfolio has already been created, just go to its “edit” screen.

Important Note: Please be advised that if you change any of the URLs after you have customized them, previous links and shares to those pages may no longer work. 

Why Upgrade to Pro

For providing the platform to help connect our members with potential buyers, Pro members pay only $12/month or $108/year, to receive the following benefits:

More Promotion


Get a Showroom


List Your Services

Pro members are given priority when promoting our members in ads and on social media.    Sell your original works in your own Showroom without submitting work for approval. Be discovered by individuals and companies seeking talent for creative projects.

Orange Book


Priority Search

Post Jobs and Open Calls*

Application required. Distributed to more than 2000 commercial clients, galleries, institutions, and collectors.  Receive priority placement in search results. Get indexed by public search engines.

Post unlimited jobs. Create your own Open Call competitions. Easily manage applications


We think this is a fantastic deal, especially given the high commissions that other sites receive (40% or more) for merely allowing you to list your work and talent. With more than 50,000 works viewed every day by buyers, collectors, hiring managers, and art lovers from across the globe, being a Pro member is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.  With Artrepreneur, you’ll have an essential set of tools to build your creative career. Get a 14-day free Pro trial so you can test all these features out for yourself.

*(Organization accounts only.)

We are a Certified B Corporation® to support a global economy that benefits all. As a purpose-driven business, we have an ongoing mission to help artists succeed and elevate everyone's life with art.


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