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What Services Can I List?

Pro Members can list up to three freelance services in eleven visual arts categories. Services can be in-person offerings (i.e wedding photography or interior design), or digital services (i.e. logo design or photo retouching).  Each listing will include:

  • Title
  • Description
  • One-time fee or hourly rate
  • Category
  • Deliverables
  • Tags
  • Location (as listed on your profile)
  • Example images of your work

Important: While your listings can offer general services (i.e. Photography) or specific services (i.e. Event Photography), buyers will be generally looking for someone to handle a particular project. Listings that are too general may not grab a buyer’s attention in the same way as a listing that targets their specific needs.  For example, a buyer wanting a painted portrait of their beloved basset hound would be more responsive to a listing titled “Portrait Painting” that includes relevant examples of that type of work than a listing titled “Fine Art Painting” with examples of work unrelated to the buyer’s search.

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