To create your Services Listings, please go to the Services section of your Dashboard. If you are not a Pro Member, this area will be greyed out. If you are a Pro member, you can add a Service by clicking the “Post a Service” box as shown below.  Here is where you will enter all the relevant information for your listing.

Click to open the Create Services Edit Screen.  Here is where you will enter all the relevant information for your listing.  Please look at the important steps and tips below.

  • Inactive vs. Active.  
    • At the top of the page, you will see that starting new service defaults to inactive mode.  (This mode provides you with an opportunity to make any changes you want before making your listing live.)
    • Once you have entered all your information and saved the listing, just flip the switch to activate it.
    • If you ever want to temporarily hide your listing, you can just switch it back to inactive.
  • Title.
    • Here you can use any title you want but keep in mind that it should be descriptive enough to capture the attention of the Buyers when searching or browsing.  Your title should be concise and to the point.
    • TIP: There is no description on the search result summary cards so the title should be descriptive enough to identify the service you are providing.
  • Description.
    • Briefly describe your service with as much information as possible for the buyers to determine if your Service meets their needs.
    • You do not have to add your Deliverables here as that will be done in the Deliverables section.
  • Custom URL.
    • Add a custom end to the Artrepreneur URL for people to remember or share on social media.
  • Category.
    • In the Category Dropdown menu, choose which category you want your service to be listed under.
    • It is important to choose the proper category so those potential buyers searching or browsing services, will be able to find your service more easily.
  • Price Type and Starting Rate.
    • You can choose between offering a one-time fee for a project or an hourly rate for your work.
    • TIP: While it may be difficult to determine an exact price without client input, the starting price listed here will help buyers find service providers that are within their budget. Your starting price should be as accurate as possible.
  • Tags.
    • Using proper tags is important in helping buyers find your listing. Think of tags as relevant search terms for phrases that describe additional applications of your service. (i.e. A listing for Event Photography might include tags like “Wedding Photography” or “Corporate Events”).
    • Tags will be shown on the Services Search Results.
    • Do not use # or use a word without spacing (#weddingphotography should be “Wedding Photography”).
    • You will have a limited number of tags depending on the length of the terms used so think carefully before adding.
  • Deliverables.
    • Your listing has a separate area to highlight what you will provide to the buyer.
    • TIP: For example, as a graphic designer your deliverables may be the signed-off press files/pdfs, etc. for print.  As a front-end web designer, your deliverables may be final Photoshop or Adobe XD files ready for development.
  • Primary Image.
    • The primary image should be the main image that represents your service.  It will appear at the top of your listing and on the search results.
    • TIP: The primary image is likely the one that determines whether or not a potential buyer of your service clicks on your listing to get more information.
    • Note that the image will be cropped to a landscape format.
  • Additional Images.
    • You can add up to 5 additional images of related work to give the buyer a better idea of your creative talent and style.


Artrepreneur Reserves the right to hide your listing due to inaccurate content, (i.e. non-representative image examples or misleading titles, descriptions, or mislabeled tags) or if your listing violates any of our Policies (i.e. Terms of Service or Image Upload Guidelines.) Additionally, “Bait and switch” pricing, (listing low starting prices that are an apparent bargain with the intention of charging higher in the actual process) may be considered fraud and will result in the permanent removal of your account. For a full listing of our Policies, go to the Policies section on our Help Center.