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Giclée Papers

Buyers can select four different types of paper for their Giclée Prints.

  • High Gloss. The shiniest, glossiest paper you can get. High gloss paper provides vibrant, rich color reproduction, as well as the crispest resolution, but it can be difficult to view under bright lights because it can reflect that light and cause glare.
  • Luster. Often described as a ‘semi-gloss’ finish, it contains low levels of glare, but nowhere near the levels of glare that a glossy finish paper has, nor does it contain no glare like canvas paper. It produces vivid colors with sharp details and produces black and white output with rich blacks and smooth tonality.
  • Canvas. Made from 100% cotton with a high-resolution inkjet coating. The finish is matt with stippling to mimic the texture of a painting canvas. It is used primarily to print painted works.
  • Cotton Rag. Cotton paper is superior in both strength and durability, and also absorbs ink or toner better than wood pulp-based paper, which may contain high concentrations of acids.  The paper has a luxurious feel, rich texture, creamier whites, and a high overall archival rating but is also more expensive than more traditional papers

Please see the links below for the product data sheets we use for printing Giclées.


Please note that these papers are subject to change based on availability.  If replaced, we will use paper with comparable specs. 

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