Getting What You Want: Basic Negotiation Tips For Creatives

Selling and negotiating can be very intimidating. Fear not! Here are some common sense tips to negotiation that can help you get what you want.
Selling Art

How to Sell Art [Without Being Annoying]

Most artists will tell you that the hardest part of their job is trying to sell their artwork to the masses. Sure, they love...
Art Fairs

Why Galleries Should Get Down with Art Fairs [A Useful Guide]

As we're winding down from celebrating Art Basel Miami Beach, we're thinking about all the different ways galleries and artists can benefit from participating in these international art fairs.
Art Fair

Consider this tip before signing an International Art Contract

Most art galleries participate in art fairs throughout the year. Many of those fairs are international, such as Art Basel Switzerland or the Hong...
unlicensed Music

Videographers Must Obtain Music Licensing Rights

Obtaining music licensing rights for videos is difficult but those that don't receive them are putting themselves and their customers at risk of a copyright infringement lawsuit.
Artist Multiples

Art Dealers Should Make Full Disclosures When Selling Artist Multiples

New York's Art and Cultural Affairs Law offers some pretty extensive protections to purchasers of artist multiples, defined as any fine print, photograph, sculpture...