political art

Can Sharing Political Views on Social Websites Harm Art Careers?

Artists find that sharing political art or views on social websites can sometimes have negative consequences for their art careers.
sotheby's institute

Why Sotheby’s Institute Art Business Degrees Fast-Track Art Careers

Find out why Sotheby's Institute grads are uniquely positioned to excel in the art business.
art business

Five Challenges Facing The Art Entrepreneur

There are a variety of challenges facing today's art entrepreneur, but they don't have to sidetrack an art business.
collect art

Understanding How to Collect Art Will Help You Sell It

Whether you want to collect art or already run an art business, these collecting tips can help you fine-tune your mission.
art careers

Orangenius Launch Draws Creatives From Every Sector

The launch of creative platform Orangenius drew creatives eager to launch their art business or find rewarding art careers.
freelance creative

How A Freelance Creative Can Save with Tax Deductions

Find out how a freelance creative working as a 1099 independent contractor can make certain tax deductions when they register their business as an LLC.
art business

Hiring for Your Art Business? Seven Steps for Success

Hiring the right creative people for your art business is no easy feat, but following our formulaic approach to hiring can make the process simpler.

Art Careers Can Start at Your College’s Career Resource Center

The Tremaine Foundation's Heather Pontonio tells Artrepreneur how students can use career resource centers to launch their art careers.
Artist Business Plan

Crafting Your Artist Business Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide

A successful art entrepreneur understands that an artist business plan is critical for success. Here's a step-by-step guide to create your own.
MacDowell Colony

Eight Artist in Residence Programs to Launch Your Career

We've previously reviewed how important it is to craft a bio and resume that details your art career, and today we'll discuss one essential...

Write an Artist Bio to Get Noticed

Most artists are used to expressing themselves in creative ways, but fewer understand the importance of expressing who they are in words. In this article, we'll review the creating an artist bio while offering some useful tips on its content.

Launching an Art Startup? These Online Resources Can Help.

Launching your own art startup can be scary. Here are a few tips and online resources that may help.
Art Business

Expanding Your Art Business Beyond You [Part 2]

Are you ready to expand your art business? Here's what you need to know about hiring and terminating employees, employee retirement plans and vacation and sick leave.

You Don’t Have to be an Artist to Work with Art

Just because you don't possess any artistic abilities – or just because you haven’t made it as an artist yet – doesn't mean you...
Art Business

Expanding Your Art Business Beyond You

Artists successfully running their own art business may be ready to hire an employee. We've covered everything you need to know, from tax requirements to insurance obligations.
Right of Publicity

What Photographers Need to Know About Shooting People [with Cameras]

In this article, we'll review a key example of publicity and privacy issues, and what you need to know to keep your photography in the clear.

Getting What You Want: Basic Negotiation Tips For Creatives

Selling and negotiating can be very intimidating. Fear not! Here are some common sense tips to negotiation that can help you get what you want.
Selling Art

How to Sell Art [Without Being Annoying]

Most artists will tell you that the hardest part of their job is trying to sell their artwork to the masses. Sure, they love...
Photography business

How Does a Photography Business Make Money?

Photographers are uniquely positioned within the art world to earn money through various revenue streams. Here's how you find work.
Insurance for Artists

The Basics of Insurance Part II: Health Insurance for Artists

In this article, we’ll a type of insurance that you’ll want to think about as you build your art business – health insurance for artists.

The Emergence of the Creative Entrepreneur

The term “starving artist” has long been part of our lexicon, signifying the significant struggle artists face bringing their creative work to market. For...

Should I Open a Corporation for My Art Business?

About 375,000 visual artists claim to be self-employed yet many don't realize that their personal assets can be at risk. Find out how opening a corporation can help protect you.

Model Citizens and Protected Images: Work-for-Hire and Right of Publicity

Last week, we discussed model releases, and an example concerning a model whose image was being used by a company in a more liberal...
3d Printing

Does Copyright and Trademark Law Protect 3D Printing?

3D printing is a relatively new art form is sweeping the internet and worrying designers and Hollywood executives alike. Along with the advent of...
Right of Publicity

Does Freedom of Speech Protect Taking Photos of People Through Windows?

Fine art Photographer Arne Svenson spent a year secretly taking photos of the Fosters, a family living across the street from his home. Does the Foster's Right to Privacy outweigh Svenson's Freedom of Expression?

Four Reasons Artists Should Hire Lawyers

Think artists can't afford to hire lawyers? Actually, artists can't afford to not have one by their side. Here's four reasons why.
Unpublished works

Planning for the Copyright Registration Process

It has become a common refrain among lawyers who represent photographers and other artists that it is important to register your work with the...

The Basics of Insurance for Artists

If you’re serious about running an art business, you'll need insurance. Click to find out why and which kind you need.

Do You Know How to Protect Your Creative Business From a...

Running a successful creative venture often involves understanding business just as keenly as you learn your craft, and for artists and gallery owners facing...
unlicensed Music

Videographers Must Obtain Music Licensing Rights

Obtaining music licensing rights for videos is difficult but those that don't receive them are putting themselves and their customers at risk of a copyright infringement lawsuit.