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Your All Access Pass to Art Basel

Dying to tackle Art Basel Miami Beach, but not sure where to start? You won't want to miss these stunning displays of the best of contemporary art.
Hung Yi

The Garment District: From Buttons and Bows to a Home for...

The Garment District Alliance has worked hard to evolve the area from a faded industrial center to a revitalized business district committed to bringing art to the streets.
Photography business

How Does a Photography Business Make Money?

Photographers are uniquely positioned within the art world to earn money through various revenue streams. Here's how you find work.
Insurance for Artists

The Basics of Insurance Part II: Health Insurance for Artists

In this article, we’ll a type of insurance that you’ll want to think about as you build your art business – health insurance for artists.

Should I Open a Corporation for My Art Business?

About 375,000 visual artists claim to be self-employed yet many don't realize that their personal assets can be at risk. Find out how opening a corporation can help protect you.

Model Citizens and Protected Images: Work-for-Hire and Right of Publicity

Last week, we discussed model releases, and an example concerning a model whose image was...
Right of Publicity

Does Freedom of Speech Protect Taking Photos of People Through Windows?

Fine art Photographer Arne Svenson spent a year secretly taking photos of the Fosters, a family living across the street from his home. Does the Foster's Right to Privacy outweigh Svenson's Freedom of Expression?

Four Reasons Artists Should Hire Lawyers

Think artists can't afford to hire lawyers? Actually, artists can't afford to not have one by their side. Here's four reasons why.
3d Printing

Does Copyright and Trademark Law Protect 3D Printing?

3D printing is a relatively new art form is sweeping the internet and worrying designers and Hollywood executives alike. Along with the advent of...
Photo Sharing

Six Steps to Safer Image Sharing

Despite the unfortunate reality that image sharing on the Internet can lead to misappropriation of your work, there are some steps that can minimize the risks.
Unpublished works

Planning for the Copyright Registration Process

It has become a common refrain among lawyers who represent photographers and other artists that it is important to register your work with the...

Consider this tip before signing an International Art Contract

Most art galleries participate in art fairs throughout the year. Many of those fairs are international, such as Art Basel Switzerland or the Hong...


Get Your Networking on at Miami Art Week

Miami Art Week is the perfect time for artists to network and gather contacts to keep building an art business. Check out five events primed to bring new opportunities.

The Emergence of the Creative Entrepreneur

The term “starving artist” has long been part of our lexicon, signifying the significant struggle artists face bringing their creative work to market. For...

Seth Godin and Marketing for the Art World

A good marketing strategy can help grow a business if done well. Let Seth Godin show you how to be a modern marketer in his skillshare video series.

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  • Francis Alÿs to create new work inspired by his frontline experiences in Mosul December 5, 2016
    The Belgian artist Francis Als will create a new work for the Iraqi pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale next year (13 May-26 November 2017) based on his recent experiences spent on the frontline in Mosul, northern Iraq, as part of the ongoing military offensive against Islamic state (Isil) militants. The piece was commissioned by […]
  • Palmyra antiquities seized at Geneva Free Port December 5, 2016
    Swiss authorities have seized nine antiquities looted from Palmyra and ancient sites in Libya and Yemen at the Geneva Free Port. The artefacts, which range from the fourth century BC to the third century AD, were deposited at the secretive tax-free warehouses between 2009 and 2010, the Geneva public prosecutor said in a statement on […]
  • Iconoclasm rejected “by all God-given religions”, declares the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi December 5, 2016
    The United Arab Emirates have led Islamic countries in unequivocally condemning iconoclasm carried out in the name of Islam. At the conference on safeguarding endangered cultural heritage, held on 2 and 3 December in Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, said, The destruction of heritage sites by terrorist […]
  • The year in the art market: instability rules December 4, 2016
    The art market has not had an easy year. Auction houses have adjusted their strategies while buyers are shying away from speculation and looking for secure investments. Meanwhile, online art trading platforms are pushing for a bigger share of the market. Here are the top trends and stories of the year. Sales slump Sales totals […]
  • The year in heritage: digital scanning promises a brave new world December 4, 2016
    Earlier this year, archaeologists (as well as every 40-year-old whose childhood dream was to be the next Indiana Jones) were thrown into wild excitement when radar scans revealed that Tutankhamuns tomb may contain a secret chamber. The discovery gave credence to a theory that Nefertitithe chief consort of Tutankhamuns fatheris buried in the concealed room. […]
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